Idleon Dungeon Guide: 1st Dungeon, Grandfrog’s Gazebo

Dungeon Summery:
The first dungeon you can access is Idleon is Grandfrog’s Gazebo, found in Grandfrog’s Backyard. The entrance is in Froggy Fields. It is a timed dungeon with 3 bosses lasting 10 minutes. To summon each boss you need to collect a certain amount of materials and drop them in front of the giant cauldron, rinse repeat. Collect materials by defeating frogs, and summon more frogs by defeating the frog nests (the stick teepee looking things) . Each frog drops the material to summon the next level up frog as well. If you run out of materials from kill drops, you can also chop the tree to the bottom right to summon more frogs.

Frog Material Drops for Summons:

  • Green Frogs: Purple Legs
  • Purple Frog: Blue Beans
  • Blue Frog: Green Spores
  • Green Frogs 2: Yellow Feet
  • Yellow Frogs: Red Hams
  • Red Frogs: Yellow Skulls
  • Yellow Skulls: Blue Heads

Grandfrog’s Gazebo Dungeon Tips

Warriors work best for this dungeon thanks to their multi hits and easy on MP attacks.

It is best to remove all your gear and move all items in inventory to 2nd to last bag. You will constantly be pulling items from inventory out for this dungeon. This makes it quicker and reduces the chances of dropping and losing important items!

The stats you want to focus on first are HP, damage stats, drop rate, then eventually movement speed.

Focus on collecting materials first, then upgrading items while doing the boss fights, such as gear enhancements and RNGs.

Be sure to pick up any extra materials dropped that isn’t needed for the current boss phase. You only have a few seconds to pick them up if in front of the cauldron so always be aware of your kill drops

Big Tip! Unlock the RNG Horn of the Foal, which increases crit damage 600% and adds 15% crit chance! This is one way to beat the second and third boss in lower ranks. Although its always luck of the RNG to get it and the proper amount of crit bonus.

Dungeon Boss Phases and Materials

Grandfrog’s Gazebo features one boss, Grandfrogger that can be summoned 3 times. Each time he is harder to summon and has much more HP, making him harder to kill, at least in the 10 minute timer window. Most players are not able to summon and beat the 3rd phase of this boss before reaching at least Rank 30, without having a dedicated dungeon account or using the crit/horn of the foal technique. So be prepared for much running and farming dungeon points to advance in this dungeon.

The First Phase of Grandfrogger requires 15 purple legs, 5 blue beans, and 1 green spore. Usually this can be collected and dropped without leaving the bottom floor. Although you may have to go to the second floor a few times before getting a few ranks and grabbing just a few drop rate bonuses.

The First Boss, Green Grand Frogger is fairly easy to kill with low health. After Rank 20 you ideally want him down in under a minute in a half or so to have time to clear the rest of the dungeon, and possible summon the second and third phase of the boss. Be sure to check up on your enhancements and buy RNGs at this stage.

Do not drop the next phase items too quickly! Try to wait for the item count to pop up before starting.

The Second Phase is where this dungeon starts to get tricky. It requires 12 blue beans, 5 green spores, 2 yellow feet, and 1 red ham. Until your rank is in mid to late 20s, the 1 red ham can be challenging to get. It can be found in the top left nest, dropped from the yellow frogs. Here your gameplay may differ depending on your goal. Some may want to only farm points and summon as much as possible, or you may wish to only get what is needed and try to reach the third boss. As you rank up you can be lucky enough to get enough drops to summon the second boss without having to farm many nests, if at all. But, until then most likely you will have tom

The Second Boss is a purple version of Grand Frogger and has much more health compared to the first phase. Here is a good time to try and buy some boss damage enhancers. They can mainly be found from weapon enhancers and jewelry enhancers. Once again be sure to collect any materials dropped by other frogs who get in the way!

Third Phase often requires clearing the whole stage or near it. It requires 8 green spores, 7 yellow feet, 4 red hams, 2 yellow skulls, and 1 blue head. Like how phase two, it requires 1 blue head, which can be quite a hard drop to get. Nothing can be more disappointing than missing that blue material part when the stage is clear. But don’t be upset, it happens to all of us. Just collect yuor loot and retry if so!

The Third Boss is quite challenging and rarely beat by most players until well into the rank of 30s, unless using the Horn of Foul. Another way to beat the third boss phase, blue Grandfrogger, early on is teamwork. If one or more players focus on drop rate and another focuses on damage, you may be able to get him down. Once again, it all has to do with them RNG drops!

So what’s next? There is not much to say for what else can be done at this dungeon, if anything. If you happen to beat it early, you can keep chopping away at the tree to get more frogs, and therefor more dungeon points. LavaFlame2 has mentioned something about a rainbow frog boss, but that has yet to be seen. Maybe you could be the first! Let us know if you find him!

Dungeon Rewards

Just playing the Dungeon will reward one dungeon loot roll. Each boss kill will reward an extra loot roll. A dungeon booster run will ad one run as well.

Dungeon Cards rewards for Grandfrog’s Gazebo:

  • Poisonic Frog: Base Dungeon MP
  • Globohopper: Block Chance
  • King Frog: Base Dungeon Damage
  • Lava Slimer: Dungeon Card Chance
  • Chromatium Frog: Dungeon Credits
  • Grandfrogger: Start With RNG Item
  • Rotting Grandfrogger: Dungeon Flurbos
  • Forlorn Grandfrogger: Dungeon Credits

Dungeon Quests for Grandfrog’s Gazebo:
Creating a Party
Bigger Party Better Party!
Bother the Frogger!

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