IdleOn! Quest: Seeking Foreign Aid

Previous Quest: Surprise Attack
Next Quest: Outta the Way Slimes

This quest is given by the NPC Scripticus, found in Blunder Hills. It requires collecting the scouting report.


Collect Scouting Report


“I think it’s time we get real here gamer. Remember how you for absolutely owned by that griefer in World 4, and fell all the way down here? You may not remember this, but when you hit the ground, you knocked off the Orange Gem powering the town’s portal! If we’re gonna get you back to being a Top Gamer, that crystal needs to be returned! I’m not sure who or what stole it, but they sure aren’t around here anymore. But I know someone who can help. There’s an ex-town member who went to live out in the jungle, his name is Silico… no wait, was it Skullco? I… actually dont remember his name. He did tell me once, nut I couldn’t understand his accent and I’m too embarrassed to ask. Anyway, he’s out best bet at finding out who took the Town Gem! We can figure out a plan once we have more info. “
QUEST: Get a scouting report from the Jungle resident.


First, you’ll need to get yourself to Jungle Perimeter, the area with the slimes. Here, you’ll find Stiltzcho, who will give you his own line of quests to complete to obtain the scouting report: Outta the Way Slimes, No Stone Unturned, and Investigator by Day, Prankster by Night. Complete these quests and Stiltzcho will give you the scouting report. Then, return to Scripticus to collect your rewards.


1 Inventory Bag C
1 Small Material Pouch
1431 Main Exp