Idleon Tips! World Six How To Unlock Second Character In Sneaking

Starting any new profession/skill in Idleon can be confusing. And we are here to help! If you are having trouble unlocking the second character in the sneaking skill in world six, here are some tips and instructions.

First unlock the second floor. The Basic Kunai is needed to cut the second character from the ropes and be available t clone. To unlock the second character, be sure no weapon is equipped. At this point if you don’t have the Kunai, the only other weapon is the Wood Nunchaku. Have no weapon equipped and sneak until the Kunai is found.

After Kunai is found, equip it and walk/sneak by the other player. It may take some time but the second character will be unlocked and ready to play!

Journeyman Class: Virtuoso Out Now!

as of May 5th, 2023, a new patch is out. The next class upgrade, Elite class 4 for journeyman, best beginner, is now released with the last update. Upgrade from Mman to Vman! Virtuoso is out now. We are working quickly to give all the details of this new class in Idleon!: Legends of Idleon.

First, after reaching Maestro, is to go to the town in world 4. On the very far right, there will be a quest given to your Maestro to get 1 million deathnote kills on every monster in worlds 1, 2, and 3. Right now we are trying to finish Tysons and Snowman to get the kills needed. Then the next quest to becoming a Virtuoso will be unlocked!

Legends of Idleon!: Complete Walkthrough 2

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Legends of Idleon! Guide and Info
See our main page of Idleon with quest lists, maps, and more!

Welcome to the Idleon! Complete Walkthrough Guide Part 2. Although you have unlocked World Two there will always be plenty to do in World One. In World One there will almost always be some kind of material to farm, town skills to use like crafting and forging, bonuses such as stamps and statues, and new quests will be added in time as well. So don’t forget about it! Consider All world town areas as one big city, connected by portals. That being said, let’s get started on World Two!

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