IdleOn! Quest: Slovakian Scare

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This quest is given by the NPC Promotheus, found in Valley of the Beans. It requires seeing, not defeating, just seeing the House Monster known as Baby Yaga.


Find The House Monster


Well The. Now that we’ve gotten to know each other a bit, how about I tell you some of the game lore?

Hah! Just kidding. A game like this doesn’t have any lore! …so anyway, he loremasters of this game speak of an ancient land far above these lazy ol’ Blunder Hills.

In this crazy place, there are weird sub mechanics and overly complicated gameplay systems, the likes of which we simple World 1 NPC’s could never comprehend.

The monsters here are even crazier, many are references to something called ‘pop culture’, which I assume is some fort of Bubble Religion in their land.

But how could I possibly know that, right? Well this is where it gets interesting. You see, I’ve seen one myself, see? But no one seems believes see… errr, me.

It was a giant house, with… legs, or something. I think it only shows up at the top of each hour, but I know it exists! Please, go prove I’m not crazy.
QUEST: Find the house monster in the Birch Grove.


The House Monster can be found in the Birch Enclave next to Valley of the Beans. It is the third portal, located next to the Birch Tree. The portal to the House Monster area cost 1500. Also, the House monster only appears once an hour, shortly after the start of every hour.

Quest Complete Text

Wait, you actually found it? Huh, guess I won’t be selling many of my alien merchandise anymore… you can take some if you like!


1 Alien Headband
1500 Main Experience
1 Talent Point Reset Potion