IdleOn! Quest: Wait No, I Meant Pathetic Gaming

This quest is given by the NPC XxX Cattleprod XxX, found in Grandioso Canyon. It requires defeating all the Mafiosos and Sand Castles before the time limit is up.


Defeat 30 Mafiosos
Defeat 18 Sandcastles
Time starting at 72.


“Wait no I remember!! You need to also kill all the sand castles, cuz like the maps have connected spawn timers…? My friend told me and he’s way smarter than you so go do it!”
Quest: Defeat Mafioso’s and Sand Castles super fast


Even harder than the previously challenging quest, Peak Gaming, this quest uses the same tactics. The only exception is this time you have to kill 15 (all) Mafiosos then all 18 Sandcastles (take the portal to the left after Mafiosos), then back to 15 Mafiosos . Do all this in 72 seconds! So yes, speed is needed.

No matter what class you are when doing this quest you are going to want as much speed as possible. Using the small speed potion, average speed potion, minto choc0 (if you still have some from Easter event), and any speed shoes will greatly help. The Baby Boa card will help with speed, along with any agility cards.

Each class has talents that will also help with this quest.
Wizards have the Speedy Book talent. at 100/100 boosts attack speed by 30% for 9 seconds after getting 4 kills in 4 seconds.
Barbarians have the Mocking Shout Talent. This is one of the best talents all around for this quest line. This attack makes all the monsters come towards you.
Archers have the Featherweight talent. This increases movement speed greatly.


1 Mason Jar Stamp
1 Fishhead Stamp