Jason Momoa Shaves Beard Memes

Recently there has been alot of memes and internet hype of Jason Momoa and his hair. First, he posted himself shaving some of his hair off his head in September on Instagram to raise awareness about plastic in our oceans and seas. He especially notes how many plastic bottles are used to this day and how unnecessary it is. This and also a fake image of him clean shaved has been going around the web.

Also, there is fake meme about Jason Momoa shaving off his beard. The meme is usually titled with “sorry ladies” with a fake image of Jason without a beard. First clue it is photoshopped is that its the exact same image, with our without the beard. Hair, facial expression, all is the same.

On top of that, there is plenty of pictures of Jason Momoa without his beard. Sorry for trying fellows, he’s still sexy and cool no matter what he does with his hair.