Check Out These Amazing Fan Made Cards for CUE: Cards, The Universe, And Everything

We’re a big fan of CUE: Cards, The Universe, And Everything. Specially since it includes cards and decks about, well, everything! There is a few key factors why fan cards are just fun and awesome. They are creative and sometimes pretty funny, allowing to add card effects that wouldn’t or couldn’t be balanced in game. They allow us to see licensed IPs that would probably be in game if it wasn’t for legal reasons. And last but not least, They can just look really cool thanks to some of the artists!

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Jason Momoa Shaves Beard Memes

Recently there has been alot of memes and internet hype of Jason Momoa and his hair. First, he posted himself shaving some of his hair off his head in September on Instagram to raise awareness about plastic in our oceans and seas. He especially notes how many plastic bottles are used to this day and how unnecessary it is. This and also a fake image of him clean shaved has been going around the web.

Also, there is fake meme about Jason Momoa shaving off his beard. The meme is usually titled with “sorry ladies” with a fake image of Jason without a beard. First clue it is photoshopped is that its the exact same image, with our without the beard. Hair, facial expression, all is the same.

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Shoe That Looks Like Face (Screaming Shoe Meme)

Earlier in 2021 someone shared a image of their friends shoe on Reddit. Not a big deal, but the titled it “My friend’s shoes looks like they are screaming”. Since then everyone has been making memes of these screaming shoes as faces on other popular memes. It’s creepy on its own, unless you’ve seen the original image first, so we’ll do that. The you can see all the funny screaming show face memes… so far.

(Also check the bottom of the page for a clear background screaming shoes meme blank template)

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Reddit User Creates World of Warcraft Map of Virginia

If you ever played World of Warcraft you are familiar with the unique design to their maps in the game. With mute colors of brown and green, with an old ancient look, these maps are recognized by any player. Taking the real life state of Virginia, U.S.A, this user ConservationOfWumbo has created an awesome Photoshopped map with World of Warcraft features. take a look!

Compared to the real map of Virginia, you can see the work and detail put into this Virginia of Azeroth map.

The creator of this image has even expressed interests in creating other maps for other states with the World or Warcraft style, and may sell them on Etsy. Here is hoping he does!

Cool Pics: Henry Cavill as Arthis (Warcraft) Artwork

What started off as fan casting has now gotten people excited about Henry Cavill playing Arthas in a Warcraft 2 movie. First photoshopped images we’re spreading, Chris Metzen even said he supported the idea. The rise of the Lich King and the Frozen Throze would make an interesting movie. Luckily we got these images for an idea how well Cavill would look, specially after being in the Witcher.

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Out of Shape Avengers

Check out this awesome photoshop work of The Avengers if they were to be overweight. These images feature the MCU Avengers and other heroes with a more realistic look of wrinkles and signs of obesity, looking like expert cosplays. These are what our superheroes would look like if they didn’t work out constantly and had an old-fashioned American diet.

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