Joe Exotic (Presidential Candidate) Speaks About the Submarine Loss of The Five Billionaires

Nope. This isn’t a fake article or satire news. This is actually happening. Joe Exotic from the popular Netflix show Tiger King is not only running for president and challenging Joe Biden as the democratic nominee, he also has made a statement about the lost billionaires who went on the unsafe sub Titan and got lost on Twitter. All this, while in prison. American news, at its best.

For our white trash article of the day, let us clarify it is true. While in prison, Joe Exotic will be on the ballad and plans on fighting Joe Biden for the candidacy for the democratic nominee. He has even taken to Twitter to give Donald Trump birthday wishes, even if it was sarcastic.

But for current news (idk how someone in prison has so much access to Twitter) Joe Exotic got online to comment that the five billionaires lost in their adventure to explore the Titanic has no one to blame but themselves. See the tweet below. He ends the quote saying “Maybe God just don’t want us at the bottom of the ocean to screw with things.” If that doesn’t speak presidential candidate 2024 idk what does by golly.