Mandela Effects Explained

Cheez itz – its plural. We just naturally add a ‘s’ sound to pluralize it. We also do the same thing to the fast food chain Krystal, often calling it Krystals.

Mona Lisa – The mona lisa is actually well known for being one first world wide printed images, showing up in many newspapers. That being said, when looking at it in a small image, the smile has more affect. But now with more technology we see a clearer image, revealing it isn’t much of a smile. It is also said the smile has faded over time as well.

Jiffy – Although it never existed, two main brands of peanut butter were JIF and Skippy. Put them together and you have Jiffy.

The Flinstones/Flintstones – This one I cannot explain. It always made sense that their name is two words put together that have something to do with caevemen, flint and stone.

“We are the champions… of the world” many sites will say that Freddie Mercury does not say “Of the world” at the end of We Are the Champions”. But he does! Just not on the radio version. However, in Queen’s performance at Live Aid, one if not the best rock concert performance of all time, he definitely says it.

Here is the proof in the video below.