New Mermaids Found: Hoaxes and Theories

Animal Planet And Many Internet Sites Hype Up Mermaids

Since Animal Planet released a special on mermaids in May, along with connected web media, debates and reports have stirred up about the possible existence of mermaids.
mermaid meme - not what I expected
These reported mermaids are not the friendly top half human bottom half fish mermaids like defined on Wikipedia. These are more animalistic, full scaly sea monster-like mermaids. And they are scary. These mermaids are not here to sing songs about being human or fulfill any fantasies. If you are attractive to these mermaids yuck. In fact, if your attracted to any mermaids you are sick. That’s got to be some kind of beastiality, at least half.

Are they real? Why people believe in Mermaids

Some people will believe anything. Like evolution. And since evolution is real than it is possible for monkeys to go swimming and learn to breathe underwater. If it was long enough they may have evolved into intelligent creatures like us, and been reported in myths like Atlantis and the Ancient Sea People. Also it is widely known we haven’t actually explored every part of the ocean. There could be all types of strange species deep in the ocean.

Supporting facts Fish People are real:

Ariel is the only non-human mermaid, Disney new the truth.
Tuna tastes like chicken, and sometimes people!
It was on the internet
Not all of the ocean is discovered.
Ancient civilizations reported mysterious sea people.

Why they are fake? Mermaid Haters.

Most of the footage seen about mermaids is said to have obvious editing, and bad cover ups. They are always blurry, just like big foot. Some one needs to give some funding to whoever is going around video taping monsters. Isn’t it harder to get a blurry camera than one that is not now? Besides that fact, not much footage is found anywhere. And out of all the exploring done, surely James Cameron would of found a mermaid by now.

Supporting facts Fish People are fake:

Watch the videos and do some research
BP would of started a war