New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie – Plot Guess

Teenage Ninja Turtles Movie Plot Guess

With all this hype about the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie involving Michael Bay and his team changing the them into aliens, and us being a new comic and meme website, I found it pretty important for us to discuss the possibilities. Also I wanted to show my ideas of how it could turn out.

First of all, like many others, I was freaked out to hear that the Platinum Dunes team wanted to change them from mutants into aliens. And then to top it off, recent posts have shown that the title will be dropping the Teenage Mutant part, to just be Ninja Turtles. After the three Transformers and Nightmare on Elm Street, there are many doubts that they will improve the idea or hold onto the original. However there have been some great work from this company, and the whole team creating this movie is fairly diverse. But I share the extreme concern with fans that this looses alot of original spirit. I have always considered the Turtles to be a tribute to the ones before it and pop culture. Such as the X-Men mutant reference and the Daredevil similarities. That being said, they may be aiming for what seems more popular in the current generation.

So if this is the case how would it work? Well one thing that lead me to believe this might not be such a bad idea is the fact that many characters in the comic and cartoon are aliens and from other dimensions. So many more characters can be introduced without a lengthy explanation, which I am sure we are getting tired of in super hero movies. They could even all be from the same planet with previous history. If other species evolved in the futuristic hippie like-planet, they could have the Turtles, Shredder, Bee-bop and Rock Steady, and the lovable Neutrinos! (or is that just me)

This is how I envision it working. The turtles are chillin in their home planet in Dimension X where they are loved and adored for being totally awesome. All the Neutrinos and other races love them. Except for the empire created and controlled by the fearful Krang. It is an ongoing battle of peace for any civilizations in a beautiful yet chaotic world. Through their views of harmony and peace through pizza and martial arts, the turtles have always prevailed.

But this time a new inter dimensional threat is at stake. Wanting desperately to rule and expand his army, Krang decides to invade the technologically behind yet brutal earth. Which hey may have done to other worlds already, which gives him a huge array of armies of different species and weapons. Before the attack on Earth even begins, Krang does his research and discovers I like minded earthling who shares his passion for conquest, and for some reason unknown, turtles! Krang assists Shredder in preparing a army on earth, the Foot Clan. As the army secretly builds, only one person, April O’Neal, has a slight hint that there is something more sinister about the Foot than gang violence.

The Turtles receive word of Krang’s new attack, and get a head start on warning Earth about the incoming invasion. However, they soon find out Earth is not very excepting of alien races like there galaxy/dimension is. But with the help of April O’Neal and (insert cast here) they escape to fight the foot and shredder. Does it end here? I could see this being a few movies this way. And it is time to step out of the movie writing bounds, much like how Marval has started. Why not introduce characters that won’t appear until the second or third. Why not introduce us to a world that is not open and shut? Well hope this was at least a bit amusing for all the movie/turtle fans. I guess we will see what happens.