People Catching Fish

People are often happy when they go fishing. It’s outside where it’s nice, and rewarding when you catch a fish. If you don’t enjoy fishing because it’s too cold, too hot, too rainy, or all around crappy weather, that is your fault and you should go at a better time. Here are examples of people being happy catching fish.

This man caught a fish. And he looks happy. Let’s see some more!

This is someone’s Grandpa from Reddit. He caught a fish as well. He is very proud and happy. Good going Grandpa!

This man caught a big fish. Guess he’ll have a big fish story!

This man caught a tiny fish. Yet, he is still happy. I guess this proves size DOESN’T matter.

This man caught a kangaroo. That is not the same as a fish.

This woman caught a big catfish! You go girl!

This kid is also happy he caught a fish. Fishing is for everyone.

This man caught a cold. That’s something I wouldn’t recommend catching. 😔

Well, that about wraps up this article on people fishing. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed the months of research, editing, and drafting. But it was all worth it the end. Now grab your pole, and go have some fun!