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  • Friday Memes (TGIF)

    Everybody loves Friday. Its debatably the best day of the week. Last day of work, start of the weekend. Celebrate, enjoy, and get ready to party with our Friday memes collection.

  • Trump Stands Like Yogi Bear

    The strange way that Trump stands what first brought to attention on Twitter. While he does stand like a centaur, or a constipated bear, it is extra strange how much Trump stands like Yogi Bear. Could Yogi be his mentor, and not a centaur? Judge for yourself.

  • Funniest Batman Videos

    I am not Batman. I am not rich. I am not a trained fighter. My parents are alive. And I have no powers. Oh wait. Well I guess we’re all part Batman. Rather mocking the Dark Knight or his media, he always works well with a good joke. Batman offers some of the best, funniest…