Congress Looks For New House Speaker: Sony and Bose In The Lead

U.S. news today is focused on voting for a new house speaker for the House of Representatives. As many of us know, choosing the right speaker can be a hard choice. Everyone has their opinion of which speaker would be the best. You want a speaker for the house that will be heard by everyone. You have to consider esthetics, sounds, quality, and of course, cost. Here we will look at some of the best choices for a house speaker, not car speakers or personal speaker like headphones or AirPods. Here are our favorite picks for the new house speaker for the House of Representatives.

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Shoresy Memes

The show “Shoresy” is a hit streaming show based on hockey in Canada. It is a spin off of another hit show by the same creator, Letterkenny. It’s quite impressive how the creators of Letterkenny have taken a one dimensional comic relief character and turned him into a full on character with a great story and background. With the spirit of Letterkenny, Shoresy has a bunch of hilarious lines and funny quotes to go along with it. Here is some of our favorite memes about the show and character, Shoresy.

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George Carlin Quotes & Memes

George Carlin is known to many as one of the best comedians of a century, with his humor and philosophy spanning many generations. His brilliant yet unique outlook still inspires people to this day. He is truly a legend, and many of Carlin’s jokes and quotes will live for decades/centuries past his legacy. Here are only a few of many of the great quotes of George Carlin

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New Kids In The Hall Season 6 on Amazon Prime (All Sketches and Info)

Kids In The Hall has returned 27 years later with the original cast (Dave Foley, Kevin McDonald, Bruce McCulloch, Scott Thompson, and Mark McKinney) for a 6th season of their beloved sketch comedy show. This new season on Amazon Prime includes 8 episodes with classic and new characters, along with some special cameos.

Episode 1 All sketches:
Brain Candy Yard Sale, Business Men, Kids In The Grave, Nude Robbery, The Last Fax (Featuring the Kathys), Friends of Kids in the Hall 511 (Pete Davidson), Wild Blueberry Pie, 60 Year Old Male Strippers, Business Men 2

Episode 2 All Sketches:
Race Chair, Baby Doctor Drop Rate, The Last Glory Hole, Baby Doctor Drop Rate 2, Imaginary Girlfriend, Friends of Kids in the Hall 372, Zoom Meeting

Episode 3 All Sketches:
Brand New Key, Ambumblance, Brand New Key 2, Shakespeare Alive, Friends of Kids in the Hall 74 (Kenan Thompson), Market Fair, Clown Shoes, Brand New Key 3

Episode 4 All Sketches:
Super Drunk 1, Hotel la Rut, Super Drunk 2, Friends of Kids in the Hall 105 (Will Forte), Antique, Super Drunk 3, The Patrol

Episode 5 All Sketches:
Having a Baby, Couple’s Counseling 1, Cats, Couple’s Counseling 2, Surprise, Couple’s Counseling 3, Friends of Kids in the Hall 311, You Said Do Do

Episode 6 All Sketches:
Business Men, The Baby, Fran and Gordon 1, Friends of Kids in the Hall, Flags of Mark, Fran and Gordon 2, Cops Parade, Bananas, Business Men 2, Fran and Gordon 3

Episode 7 All Sketches:
Taddli 1, Lukewarm, Taddli 2, The Eradicator Returns, Taddli 3,Friends of Kids in the Hall 221, Inga

Episode 8 All Sketches:
I’m Not Crazy, Must Wash Hair, Friends of Kids in the Hall, Much Too Much, My Card, Cliffhanger, Business Men, Buried

Big News! Jeff Bezos Steps Down as Amazon CEO To Focus On MCU Role As Professor X

Jeff Bezos has announced he is stepping down as CEO for Amazon, and we believe it is for him to focus on his dream role of Professor X in the MCU.

Now that Disney owns the rights to Marvel and Fox, it is only a matter of time until a new X-Men movie is made. And the bald headed wheelchair bound Professor X will surely be in it. Bezos, disappointed Amazon did not get the rights from Fox first, knows there is still a chance to land the role as a regular actor. However, running one of the biggest companies in the world and lobbying to be casted for a role is just too time consuming.

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Kentucky driver caught with drawn on fake license plate on car

A man in Kentucky was caught driving a vehicle with a fake tag. Not expired, not wrong vehicle, but this tag was completely hand drawn. However, he didn’t seem to put the tag year on it. This deserves definitely an A for effort, but bad execution.