Idleon Quest: Mr. Worldwide

Previous Quest: Gear Up, Gamer!
Next Quest: The Choice is Yours!

This quest is given by the NPC Scripticus. It requires defeating enough green spores to discover Map 2.


Complete Gear Up, Gamer!


Defeat 50 green spores to open up the portal to Map 2.


Access to Map 2
1 Inventory Bag A
20 Nomwich
25 Main Exp

IdleOn! Quests List

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Completing quest (along with opening portals) is how you advance the game in Legends of IdleOn. Many blobs and piggies are here to help. NPC characters found in every world, in many areas, are quest givers to help you progress in the game. Quests can unlock all kinds of things from special gear, recipes, stamps, and much more. Be sure to complete as many quests as you can to be a pro gamer!

World One Quests

The main quest line quest giver for World One, Blunderhills is Scripticus. There are a few one shot quests mentioned, many side quests, and a repeatable daily quest chain given by Picnic Stowaway. Many side quests are found in the mines and the big tree.

One-Shot Quests

A Pig and His Stamps – Mr. Pigibank
Visualizing the Sculpture Within – Town Marble
Restoring Power to the Portal – Builder Bird
Surprise Attack – Typhoon
Bad Kitty, Get Off That Altar! – Obol Altar
I’m Seeing Stars! – Telescope

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Idleon Quest: Three Strikes, You’re Out!

Previous Quest: Brochure Building
Next Quest: Blame It On The Goblins

This quest is given by the NPC Tiki Chief located in the Encroaching Forest Villas, World One. It requires dropping the quest item Forest Villas Flyer Thingy down next to three certain NPCs to invite them to a party. They are easy to locate NPCs if you know where they are, which is listed below.

Tip! Remember to pick the the quest item after dropping it by each NPC.

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