Idleon Quest: Three Strikes, You’re Out!

Previous Quest: Brochure Building
Next Quest: Blame It On The Goblins

This quest is given by the NPC Tiki Chief located in the Encroaching Forest Villas, World One. It requires dropping the quest item Forest Villas Flyer Thingy down next to three certain NPCs to invite them to a party. They are easy to locate NPCs if you know where they are, which is listed below.

Tip! Remember to pick the the quest item after dropping it by each NPC.

Quest Requirements

Level 10 Mining Skill to open up Free Fall Caverns and reach Krunk
Complete previous quest by Tiki Chief, Brochure Building.

Quest Text and description

“Invite someone rich to help with business, someone whose totally chillin’ to serve as a party starter, and someone tough as a rock to sit at the front desk and not get triggered by entitled moms!”
QUEST: Hand out flyers by dropping them on the right NPCs.

How To Complete Quest

Invite people to the party by dropping the flyer next to the following three NPCs in any order.
1. Mr. Pigibank (Rich Guy) located in Blunder Hills Town

2. Krunk (Strong Guy) located in Free Fall Caverns

3. Funguy (Happy Guy) located in Winding Willows

Return to Tiki Chief to turn in.

Quest Rewards

1 Questin Stamp
7500 Main Exp