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Completing quest (along with opening portals) is how you advance the game in Legends of IdleOn. Many blobs and piggies are here to help. NPC characters found in every world, in many areas, are quest givers to help you progress in the game. Quests can unlock all kinds of things from special gear, recipes, stamps, and much more. Be sure to complete as many quests as you can to be a pro gamer!

World One Quests

The main quest line quest giver for World One, Blunderhills is Scripticus. There are a few one shot quests mentioned, many side quests, and a repeatable daily quest chain given by Picnic Stowaway. Many side quests are found in the mines and the big tree.

One-Shot Quests

A Pig and His Stamps – Mr. Pigibank
Visualizing the Sculpture Within – Town Marble
Restoring Power to the Portal – Builder Bird
Surprise Attack – Typhoon
Bad Kitty, Get Off That Altar! – Obol Altar
I’m Seeing Stars! – Telescope


Hardcore Gamer Status
Gear Up, Gamer!
Mr. Worldwide
The Choice Is Yours!
Certified Swinger, of Pickaxes of Course!
The Smithing Grind
Can’t Somebody Else Do It
The Unoccupied Picnic
Seeking Foreign Aid
What Lies At The Heart Of The Forest
The Bigger They Are, The Bigger They Fall
Champion of the Grasslands


Learning To Swing
Learning To Smelt
Literally Burning Your Money
The Impossible Task

He’s Havin a Bad Day


A Noob’s First Swing
A Noob’s 2nd First Swing
It’s Just A Plank, Bro!
Exotic Pranks… I mean Logs!


Beatboxing Starterpack
Clout Chasin’
Cross Platform Promotion
7 Figure Followers


A Plot to be Perfect
The Scientific Method, According to a Rock
King of the Cavern

Picnic Stowaway

The Hungry Stowaway
Beating Up Frogs for Some Sauce
Live-Action Entertainment

Picnic Stowaway’s Daily Quests:
The Most Important Meal of the Day
Brunchin’ with the Blobs
Luncheon with the Inlaws
Afternoon Tea in a Jiffy
Early Evening Eating Endeavor
The Last Supper, at Least for Today!
Don’t Desert the Dessert
A Midnight Snack
King of Food


The Hamazing Plot Twist
Should We Tell Him?
Slime for Storage


I’m Ready, Promotion!
Three Right Answers
Slovakian Scare
The Witcher, but not Really


Outta the Way Slimes
No Stone Unturned
Investigator by Day, Prankster by Night
Time Crime Episode 1
Time Crime Episode 2
Time Crime Season Finale


Mushroom Munchies
Videogame Highscores are COOL!
Party Crashin’
Wicked Party Cleanup

Tiki Chief

Brochure Building
Three Strikes You’re Out!
Blame it on the Goblins
Hotel? Tikivago. Sorry, Couldn’t Help It!

Dog Bone

Why he Die???
Bow Wow Going Dow..n!

Pappua Piggea

Oinko Boinko
Crystal Crime Stopper
Stamp Collecting
This Little Piggy Felt Remorse


Sticks and Stone Something Something Bones…
Justice Wears No Clothes
Shoe Shopping with Sprout
Frisbee Fanatic


Dressing like a Dork
Literally Physics

TP Pete

Roll of Anger
The Rats are to Blame!
Fired for BS Reasons!


A Peanut for your Thoughts
Honk if you Love Peanuts!
A Peanut Saved is a Peanut not Eaten!


How It’s Made, Episode 7. The Super Peanut
If Life Gives you Peanuts, make Shiny Peanuts!
Becoming the Best Beginner


Spooky Scary Skelepoops
Waitin’ for the Cards to Drop

World Two Quests

The main quest line quest giver for World Two, Yum-Yun Desert, is Cowbo Jones. Short side quest chains are scattered throughout World Two.

One-Shot Quests

U Cool? – Desert Davey
Bad Kitty, Get Off That Altar! – Obol Alter (same as World One)
Restoring Power To Another Portal – Constructor Crow
Signed, Sealed, And Lost In The Post – Postboy Pablob
“Accidental” Exploit – Fishpaste97

Cowbo Jones

The Grind Begins…?
The Hatless Howerhouse!
No Country for One Character

Say Goodbye to your Dubloon!
Alchemial Apprentice
Three Vials? Those are Rookie Numbers!
The Notorious B.O.B
Bake Him Away, Toys
A Hat in Crime
Commence Criminal Crimes!
The Worst Trade Deal in History
Children? What’d they ever do for Me…
Oh No, not the Elderly!


Mopey Dick
The Whaley Hard Minigame


Don’t Step to Me, Bro
Uncovering the Deep Sea State!!!


Down The Mimic Whole!
Which One Of Yous is the Mafia?
High Scorer
Colosseum Champ!
Colosseum GDQ

Snake Jar

Get Some Teeth So You Can Be Eaten. Mmm. Yum!
Red Stuff Bad!
PSA. You Are Being Eaten

Bandit Bob

Bullets For Bandit Bob!
Bob’s Brand New Bandana
Bringing Bob’s Boxes


More Like ‘Sleepius’ lmao
Specialization Station

XxX Cattleprod XxX

Peak Gaming
Wait No, I meant Pathetic Gaming
Ok, NOW it’s Peak Gaming


Trickle Down Economics
Only Winners Have Portraits
Criminal Code of Conduct
Dress to Impress


Darn Lazy Gamers!
Old Timey Craftin’
Be like Buster!


Rhyming is Key!
Uh, Something About Vials?
Journey to the Center of the Blundermines


Platforms in Disguise, Platformers!
Findin’ Fingerprints
You Can’t Run, but you Can Hide


Genie Dieting
I’m Blue Dabadedada

World Three Quests

The main quest line quest giver for World Three, Frostbite Tundra, is Hoggindaz. There is a long side quest chain from Lord of the Hunt and some other extra quest spread across the map as well.

One-Shot Quests

Crikey, it’s cold out! – Iceland Irwin


Turn ON for what???
Trapping with the Lord
Constructing a Tower
Monke Tower Time!
Taking Samples
Voter Recognition
Voter Appeasement
Voter Apathy
Chizoar No More
The Fresh Prince of Tundra

Lord of the Hunt

Pelt for the Pelt God
Frogecoin to the MOON!
Yet another Cartoon Reference
Small Stingers, Big Owie
The Mouse n the Molerat
Happy Tree Friend
Noot Noot!
Bunny you Should Say That!
Rollin’ Thunder!
Untitled Quest
To Trap or not to Trap

Lonely Hunter

Leaf Him Alone!
Skeleton? Skelegone!


A Salty Fall
Gravity VS Salt
Big Ol Chonker
Mana Plox


Mayoral Luck
Mayoral Skill
Mayoral Sack Size
Mayoral Movie Taste
Diggie Hole!


Shrines Placed


Melting The Snakes
Sunrunning to Chizoar

Bill Brr

Fairly Odd Damage


Poking Some Eyes Out
Optometric Hoarder

Dungeon Quests

Dungeon quests offer rewards for running the dungeons and completing certain tasks. The rewards mainly include Dungeon Points, Dice Rolls, and EXP. Each World has its own dungeon, and dungeon quest giver.

World One Dungeon Quest Giver: Toadstall – Grandfrog’s Backyard

Creating a Party
Bigger Party Better Party!

Bother the Frogger!

World Two Dungeon Quest Giver: Gangster Gus – Snakenhotep Crypt

Plunderin Down Yonder