IdleOn! Quests List

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Quest are the main objective in the game, with idle farming and leveling being a close second. Each area has a main quest line, often tying into many side quests. All quest are given by NPCs in the game.

IdleOn! Quest Givers

The following list is of quest giving NPCs found in IdleOn!.

Scripticus, Glumlee, The Hungry Stowaway, Woodsman, Hamish, Promotheus, Krunk, Cowbo Jones, Funguy, Sprout

Scripticus gives the main quest line for World One. Cowbo Jones gives the main quest line for World Two.

Some NPCs require one quest to be activated.
Town Marble, Mr. Pigibank, Typhoon, Obol Altar.

World One: Blunder Hills Quest

Quest 1.A: Visualizing the Sculpture Within
Given by Town Marble
Collect Sculpting Tools

Quest 1.0: Restoring Power to the Portal
Given by Builder Bird
Collect Desert Topaz

Quest 1.1: Hardcore Gamer Status
Given by Scripticus.
Go to the right and defeat 5 green spores.

Quest 1.2: Gear Up, Gamer!
Given by Scripticus
Craft Boxing Gloves
Buy Tape from Shop

Quest 1.3: Mr. Worldwide
Given by Scripticus
Discover map 2

Quest 1.4 The Choice Is Yours!
given by Scripticus
Spend 5 talent points

Quest 1.5 Certified Swinger, of Pickaxes of Course!
given by Scripticus
Get Glumlee’s Certification

Quest M.1. Learning To Swing
given by Glumlee
Mine 5 Copper Ores

Quest M.2 Learning To Smelt
given by Glumlee
Smelt 1 Copper Bar

Quest M.3 Literally Burning Your Money
given by Glumlee
Buy 5 Forge Upgrades

Quest M.4 The Impossible Task
given by Glumlee
Pick up the Broken Mic (Next to Glumlee)

Quest 1.6 The Smithing Grind
Given by Scripticus
Craft a Farmer Brim and Orange Tee

Quest W.1 A Noob’s First Swing
Given by Woodsman
Collect 10 Oak Logs

Quest W.2 A Noob’s 2nd First Swing
Given by Woodsman
Collect 100 Oak Logs

Quest W.3 It’s Just A Plank, Bro!
Given by Woodsman
Collect 1000 Logs

Quest 1.B A Pig and His Stamps
Given by Mr Pigibank
Find the Stamp Thief

Quest H.1 The Hamazing Plot Twist
Given by Hamish
Collect Copper Chopper

Quest H.2 Should We Tell Him?
Given by Hamish
Collect Purple Tupacband

Quest H.3 Slime for Storage
Given by Hamish
Collect Slime Sludge

Quest 1.7 Can’t Somebody Else Do It
Given by Scripticus
Create a 2nd Player
Use the Storage Chest

Quest 1.8 The Unoccupied Picnic
Given by Scripticus
Collect the Golden Jam

Quest P.1 The Hungry Stowaway
Given by Picnic Stowaway
Collect Nomwich

Quest P.2 Beating Up Frogs for Some Sauce
Given by Picnic Stowaway
Collect Ketchup Bottle
Collect Mustard Bottle

Quest P.3 Live-Action Entertainment
Given by Picnic Stowaway
Defeat Mushrooms

Quest 1.C Surprise Attack
Given by Typhoon
Defeat all the frogs

Quest 1.9 Seeking Foreign Aid
Given by Scripticus
Collect Scouting Report

I’m Ready, Promotion!
Given by Promotheus
Achieve Level 10

Three Right Answers
Given by Promotheus
Choose a class

Quest S.1 Outta the Way Slimes
Given by Stiltzcho
Defeat 12 Slimes in 90 Seconds

Quest S.2 No Stone Unturned
Given by Stiltzcho
Collect 5 Strange Rocks

Quest S.3 Investigator by Day, Prankster by Night
Given by Stiltzcho
Collect 2 Carrot Cubes
Collect 3 Bleach Logs

What Lies At The Heart Of The Forest
Given By Scripticus
Find the Forest Camp

*This quest is not in chronological order. But it was a challenge to find so it has already been added to the guide.
Quest Three Strikes You’re Out!
Given by Tiki Chief
Locate 3 NPCs and drop the flyer

World Two: Quest

Quest 2.1 The Grind Begins
Given by Cowbo Jones
Kill 99999 Pots (Not Really)

Quest 2.2 The Hatless Howerhouse!
Given by Cowbo Jones
20 no-hat kills

Event Quest

Quest E.1: Heart Hogger
Given by Loveulyte
Collect 25 Lovey Dovey Letters