President Trump Tests Positive for Covid-19 Memes Part 3

Doctors and other White House staff are optimistic Trump will be released from Walter Reed Medical Center today, after testing positive for coronavirus on October 2. Quick as his recovery may be, the recovery from the many memes about Trump’s diagnosis will take longer. Enjoy the third part to our collection of these memes, and be sure to check out Part 1 and Part 2!

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President Trump Tests Positive for Covid-19 Memes Part 2

The biggest new today by far is President Trump testing positive for catching the coronavirus. The jokes and memes continue. From being called out for calling it a hoax, to concerning memes about his age and health, there is much to say. Trump getting Covid-19 is such crazy news its hard to top in itself, but everyone will try. Sometimes one page isn’t enough to highlight the memes.

Disclaimer: With all the money and healthcare provided to protecting the president, it is most likely he will recover quickly and be back to normal, sorry leftists. All memes and jokes are for humor only and no one at this site wishes any harm upon anyone, specially from this pandemic.

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Trump has Covid-19 memes

The internet exploded today with the news of President Trump testing positive with Covid-19. The FLOTUS, first lady, has shown positive test results as well. As one could expect, memes are popping hot on Reddit, Twitter, and the rest of the internet, adding to the drama you couldn’t make up in 2020. Between Spooktober/Halloween memes and Presidential Debate 2020 memes, two days in October proves to continue this years crazy trends.

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Presidential Debate Memes 2020 Memes and Jokes

Last night’s debate for the 2020 – 2024 presidential election took place with Joe Biden and Donald Trump. With the lovely two party system dominating and dividing as usual, and many childish arguments, it kind of feels like this election and its debates are a joke in itself. No matter who you may be voting for, or not voting at all, you can’t help but laugh at some of these 2020 presidential debate memes.

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