Teppen: Terms & Definitions

Game Play Keywords

EX Pockets: Two extra hands slots to the right
Deck: 30 card game deck
Graveyard: Played and defeated cards
Hand: The current playable cards
MP Gauge: Meter that shows current MP
AP Count: Gained on card play. Used for specials

Abilities and Status

Keeping up with the meanings of all the status effects and abilities can be overwhelming. So this list has been created to help keep up.

Agility: Doubles attack speed
Art Charge: Uses AP when used
Attacking: Action happens on attack
Combo: Does double damage on attack
Death: Action happens on death
Flight: Avoids normal damage on attack
Halt: Rest attack gauge and holds attacks
Lock: Stops use of unit slot
MP Boost: Speeds up MP gauge
Pierce: Overkill damage is done to hero
Resonate: Effect on action cards played
Revenge: Returns to deck instead of graveyard
Rush: Attack gauge near full when played
Seal: removes current effect changes
Shield: blocks all damage once
Veil: Cannot be targeted by abilities
Victory: Effect happens when enemy is beat