Idleon Tips! World Six How To Unlock Second Character In Sneaking

Starting any new profession/skill in Idleon can be confusing. And we are here to help! If you are having trouble unlocking the second character in the sneaking skill in world six, here are some tips and instructions.

First unlock the second floor. The Basic Kunai is needed to cut the second character from the ropes and be available t clone. To unlock the second character, be sure no weapon is equipped. At this point if you don’t have the Kunai, the only other weapon is the Wood Nunchaku. Have no weapon equipped and sneak until the Kunai is found.

After Kunai is found, equip it and walk/sneak by the other player. It may take some time but the second character will be unlocked and ready to play!

Marvel Snap: Shuri Pile Deck

Another top meta deck for Shuri, the Shuri Pile deck, takes the Shuri Vision deck and combines it with the power of Taskmaster. First discussed by Ben on, this deck makes a mean turn 4, 5, 6 combo by hoping to draw and play Shuri, then Vision or Aero, followed by Task Master. No matter how you play it, Taskmaster doubles up on Shuri’s buff. Combined with the early game power of Lizard and Maximus, this power control type deck really shows the power of Shuri.

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Marvel Snap: Shuri Vision Deck

Shuri is a power card new to Marvel Snap. She is a series 5 card, making her ultra rare for now. So, when someone is lucky enough to get her, they want a good deck. Since Shuri is early in meta, deck building ideas with Shuri are ever changing. But, for now one of the top meta decks for Shuri combines her with a power control deck and with Vision. Playing Shuri then Vision gives much power for Vision to move to the needed location. Combining this with control gives much tactic to the Shuri Vision deck. If you replace Thor and Magneto with Cosmo and Taskmaster, you will get the Shuri Pile deck!

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Marvel Snap: The Best Meta Decks In Game Right Now

This page is currently updated daily. This deck building guide is for more advanced players looking ideas of the the best becks to play. For beginner and earlier game deck building check out this page: Marvel Snap: Building The Best Deck For All Player Levels.

Current Top Meta Decks:

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Marvel Snap: Building The Best Deck For All Player Levels

This guide is for building the best decks for beginner to advancing players. For the top level best meta decks in Marvel Snap see our page here on best decks in the game.

This guide is to help players make decks for competitive season rankings of all levels in Marvel Snap. From beginner (Starter Cards and Pool 1) to current top level meta (Pool 3 and Series 4/5), we are here to help create tips and walkthroughs on deck building in Marvel Snap. There is much to picking the right cards to play and making combos with decks in this card collecting game. So we will dive in. This guide will be updated regularly so be sure to check back and progress along as we level!

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Multiversus Harley Quinn Play Guide

Moves List | Play Style | Team Play | Best Perks
Harley Quinn Variant Skins

Harley Quinn is a vertical assassin from the DC universe. She plays fast, juggles well, and hits hard. She is like a glass cannon, able to do major damage and get quick knock outs, but can also be pushed off easily herself if played too lose.

See more on WB’s Multiversus game here

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Tower of Fantasy Walkthrough

Chapter 1-01

Level One:
When starting the game and going through the tutorial you will need to first get your weapon and fight a few monster before opening the next area. When you are told to climb the wall be sure to go to the one straight ahead that is flat and goes straight up. you will enter a cut scene, battling a giant monster. After the cut scene you will awaken in Astra Shelter. this will have some story dialogue and introduce you to some characters. They will then ask you to get you weapon and follow them to Celine.

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All Mythic Cards In CUE: Cards, Universe, And Everything

Mythic cards are the most valuable cards in CUE: Cards, Universe, And Everything. This is a list of all current mythic cards in the mobile fame by Avid Games.

See our CUE: Cards, Universe, and Everything Guide & Info

A new mythic card has been released for CUE: Cards, Universe, and Everything. This new mythic card The Soul gives you Philosophy, Curious Cuisine, and Musically Minded cards in hand +55 until played. Personally I can’t wait to add this new mythic to my Curious Cuisine Food Deck. Like all other mythic cards, the chances of getting The Soul is extremely rare but can be pulled by any card pack.

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Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas Guide & Info

Reference Codes | Tier List | Companions | Ascension

Latest updates for Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas:

New Clan! The Scorching Fire
The codex has been updated to show the newest clan heroes, The Scorching Fire.

Valley of Conquerors is now released!
This week the chances of obtaining Lume champions is increased!

Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas is an rpg comp game based on leveling champions and boosting stats. Its basic function is running your city while building teams of five to fight bosses and campaigns. It is a recommended high rated mobile game for phones and tablets.

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WB’s Multiversus Game Guide & Info

Multiversus is a new game by Warner Bros. Games and Players First Games. It a tag team fighting game like Super Smash Bros featuring characters from all over the Warner Brothers entertainment company such as Bugs Bunny, Shaggy, Finn, and Superman. It is available to play on Steam, Epic Games, PlayStation, and Xbox. It is currently free to play and in open beta!

Characters | Gold Farming/Leveling | Perks
Stages | Game Modes

Beginner’s Guide and Tips for Multiversus

Currently Multiversus in in open beta so there is no ranked play. So just choose your favorite characters and enjoy the game! It isn’t to heavy on characters and game modes yet, but much more is sure to come. Use this guide to get more familiar with the game and dive in along with us.

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