Idleon! Smithing Skill Guide

Welcome to our all around guide for the wonders of smithing in Legends of Idleon! Here we will collect and share tips, info, and other guide stuff such as the following.

Be sure to check out how to get an extra 100 points ahead in production and know about the Godly Creation talent for extra stats on gear when crafting!

Starter Guide | Leveling | Talents
Forging | Production | Crafting

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Legends of Idleon! Tips, Tricks, & Secrets!

Welcome to our Legends of Idleon! Tips, Tricks and Secrets page. This page is to help every player from beginner to expert get the most and smoothest play out of the game. These tips will help with leveling, farming, and all around game progression. We will start with a few tips for beginning new games or players, and add more as they are discovered.

Super Secret Tutorial Quest

The super secret quest can only be completed in the once an account tutorial area when the game is first started. Many have missed it and it gives no reward. It is mentioned here in our walkthrough guide.

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Idleon Guide: Journeyman (The Best Beginner)

The journeyman is also referred to as the best beginner, since it is an extended class of the default starter class, beginner. To become a journeyman it is best to have a few characters already, before starting the long journey of quests and peanuts. Journeymen characters aren’t the best for pushing forward, but great for farming lower levels. This page will tell you how to become a journeyman and more about the class.

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Legends Of IdleOn!: Guide & Info

Quests | Classes | Areas/Maps | Skills | Items
Leveling | Quick Guide | Complete Walkthrough
Tips, Tricks, and Notes
How To Become A Journeyman

Released Nov. 2020, Apr. 2021 on Steam
Made by LavaFlame2
Genre: rpg, pixel, 2d, Farming, action, leveling
Platform: Google Play, PC/Web, Steam

Version 1.30 is now released! This includes:
Party Dungeons. Play with friends!
New Arcade Game minigame feature
Custom Title Screens
New Achievements with rewards
Plus new cards, gear, and more

World Three: Ice Mountain released! See Details

Legends Of IdleOn is a new game we have high hopes for here at Comics & Memes. The play and graphics are great and much is being added. The focus on the game is leveling multiple characters by fighting monsters, gathering, and crafting items. One of the best features is in the name, the idle feature. While afk, either with the game open or off, your characters will continue to level and farm! This game is a work in progress, and we plan on keeping an updated guide as we play through, and new content is released. Enjoy!

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Idleon! The World Maps

Location, location, location!
Although this game (and our guide for that matter) is in the process of completion, we have went ahead and made a few notes and a couple maps to help find the right idle locations.

IdleOn! World One: Blunder Hills

World One: Blunder Hills has area locations for monsters, mining, choppin’, three bosses (if you include Baby Yaga) and a few extra areas. World One starts with the town part of Blunder Hills, which is self-titled, and ends around the other forest town of Encroaching Forest Villas. Besides the main areas to progress through, there is the cave area for mining, the giant tree area for leveling and constellations, one extra area called Tucked Away at the bottom, and the nasty sewers. The Sewers come in much later in the game, as they are very challenging. The first area of the sewers is where you can find Corporatube Subs for the Mutton quest Clout Chasin’.

1.1 Blunder Hills
1.2 Spore Meadows
1.3 Froggy Fields
1.4 Valley of the Beans
1.5 Birch Enclave
1.6 Jungle Perimeter
1.7 Winding Willows
1.8 Vegetable Patch
1.9 Forest Outskirts
1.10 Encroaching Forest Villas
1.11 Cave Entrance

T.1 The Base of the Bark
T.2 Hollowed Trunk
T.3 Where the Branches End

M.1 Tunnels Entrance
M.2 Freefall Caverns
M.3 The Ol’ Straightaway
(There are three more mining areas coming soon in future patches)

S.1 Poopy Sewers
S.2 Rat’s Nest
S.3 The Office

World Two

There are monster locations and fishing locations.

2.1 Yum Yum Grotto
2.2 Jar Bridge
2.3 The Mimic Hole
2.4 Desert Dunes
2.5 Grandioso Canyon
2.6 Shifty Sands
2.7 Pincer Plateau
2.8 Slamabam Straightaway
2.9 The Ring
2.10 Up Up Down Down
2.11 Sands of Time
2.12 Efaunts Tomb
2.13 Djonnuttown

B.1 Bandit Bob’s Hideout

F.1 Salty Shores
F.2 Faraway Pier
F.3 Deepwater Docks (this are is not yet released)

Legends of IdleOn: Classes

Warrior | Mage | Archer | Journeyman
There are currently four classes of players in Legends of IdleOn!. All players starts off as the beginner class (which can be considered part of the Journeyman class), before finally selecting a main class. Three of these classes are found in the third fighting area of world one, Valley of the Beans. They are given by doing a quest for Promotheus. This includes Warrior, Mage, and Archer. The fourth class is a bit more tedious and complicated to obtain. The fourth class, Journeyman, requires a collection of quest and much farming of peanuts.

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