Thanos Casted! Josh Brolin to play Thanos in Guardians of the Galaxy

After popping up in the end credits for Avengers, everyone is expecting Thanos to be the major villain in Avengers 3. But, we will get a look at him even sooner in Guardians of the Galaxy. And today we found out who is most likely playing him not only in Guardians, but in future Marvel movies as well. Josh Brolin is set to play Thanos.
Thanos was in Goonies Josh Brolin is an American after who has played many small roles in major movies and tv shows, such as True Grit and Outer Limits. However, he is probably most known, even if not by name, for playing Brand in Goonies. Josh Brolin is going comic book heavy this year. Not only is he playing Thanos, but will be appearing in Sin City: A Dam To Kill For.