Waffle House Employee Blocks Thrown Chair in Yet Another Waffle House Fight

Update: The Waffle House waitress in the video, Halie, known now as the Chairbender, posts a video explaining what happened and more!

Working at Waffle House is for the toughest of the tough. It is known for its late night brawls and fights, all over the country. Although they have great waffles and coffee, it seems its the entertainment that they are more known for over the past few years.

Thanks to smart phones and social media, many Waffle House fights can be found online. And we even have started a collection of Waffle House memes. But now, a new video has emerged online of a Waffle House fight in Austin Texas where an employee skillfully blocks a chair flying at her after already being in a group fight involving workers and customers. With Dragon Ball like skill they each show their power stance, stay ready for attack, and go on and on. No doubt a few people went to jail after this. See the video below.

Here is a short version of the chair throw. Followed by a more full video of the incident.

Here is even a picture of the employee who was hit by the chair smiling after the fight, taunting the person to come at them.