What/Who is Fulcrum In Star Wars?

If you’ve watched alot of Star Wars you probably have heard the mysterious name Fulcrum a few times. The name is hard in Clone Wards, Andor, and Even Star Wars Rebels. But what exactly is Fulcrum?

In the Star Wars universe, “Fulcrum” is a codename used by various characters. The term “Fulcrum” originated in the animated TV series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Initially, Fulcrum was the codename used by the Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano when she joined the Rebel Alliance as a spy and informant. Ahsoka, having left the Jedi Order, used this codename to maintain her anonymity while working against the Galactic Empire.

Later on, in the animated series Star Wars Rebels, Fulcrum becomes a designation used by several characters who serve as contacts and coordinators for the Rebel Alliance. Notable characters who adopt the Fulcrum codename include Ahsoka Tano, Agent Kallus (a former Imperial officer who defects to the Rebellion), and later, Sabine Wren (a Mandalorian warrior and member of the Ghost crew).

The Fulcrum codename represents individuals working from the shadows, gathering intelligence, and assisting the Rebel cause by providing crucial information and support.