Why Did The Infinity Gauntlet Break: Infinity War

With Disney’s Marvel’s Avengers’ Infinity War wrapping up in theater and coming out on DVD, I think its time we started talking more about the mysterious and big questions the movie left us. Before Avengers 4 comes out, there are much debates on what happened. We especially wonder why the infinity gauntlet cracked or melted, and what happened to the infinity stones. There are a few theories going around, and as usual, I have my own theory.

Let’s cover some of the theories going around the web of why the infinity gauntlet broke…
1. The gauntlet was not made at full power, since the dwarves were creating it for the evil titan Thanos, they left a few weak spots. Hoping Thanos would not be able to complete his mission, the Gauntlet was not built as strong as needed to use at full force. But Thanos would not know this until it was too late.

2. As powerful as the infinity gems are, it still takes alot of power to wipe out half the life in the universe. This may have left the stones weak, or know weapon could withstand this force. I don’t agree with this theory of the stones breaking. They are infinite power, and the creators of the gauntlet also made Stormbreaker (which tears through their powers).

3. This is a great theory of why the stones broke, and is similar to mine. I believe this was posted on Screenrant, found on Reddit. When Thanos received the Time Stone from Doctor Strange, Strange played a trick on him. Strange switched the Time Stone with one from a different timeline, or different universe.

4. My personal theory, is that this is a paradox of all the powers. The Stones are alive in their own way, and are aware of their use. Being that it has all the powers of the universe, the infinity stones know the past, future, and alternate time lines and reality. When Thanos time traveled a few seconds and caused the snap, it caused a paradox of space, time, and power. And in the next Avengers movie, this snap will be undone. The stones, aware that this existence will be reset, stalled, got mixed up, and threw itself into an instant loop and chaotic point of existence. All this at one time is too much for the stones themselves, let alone the gauntlet, and instantly broke its surroundings.

Whatever happened to the stones. We will see in Avengers 4.