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Xpanding the X-Movies: Archangel

Since it seems Fox is trying to make X-Men a center of their super hero universe, just like Avengers is to Marvel, these articles have been created to discuss ideas on X-Movies.

Now seems like the best time to re-introduce Archangel. The perfect hero-turned-villain-turned-hero for an X-Movie set. But to consider bringing him into play, two major questions must be asked.

1. Would rebooting Archangel be too strange after appearing in X3: The Last Stand?
I would hope not. Even though he has been mildly featured, Archangel is a major character who plays into many events. And not trying to explain him too much, and to just reboot one character would be a change. Admit the error and continue.

2. Would such a character have appeal for more than one movie?
Well, Archangel is strong character, but would movie goers really support him? Luckily, since he has different versions, I think so.

Okay, more to the point of expanding the movies. In the last article I explained why Apocalypse, Mr. Sinister, and Stryfe are great options for the future movies. However, what I didn’t say is Archangel could also be a fighter for Apocalypse, just like in the comics.  The idea I have in mind would call for a great actor in up to three movies.

Angel in X-Force
It may seem difficult to connect Angel, or Warren Worthington, into an X-Force movie without his dark and powerful side. So this film would call for the more personal side of Angel. Using his real identity, Warren Worthington, as a private investor in the X-Force team. Eventually showing his wings and why he cares so much.

Archangel in X-Men: Apocalypse
If Mr. Sinister and Apocalypse work together in this movie, it wouldn’t be hard to tie in Angel’s empire with research associated with Mr. Sinister. Giving Mr. Sinister the perfect ideal project for Apocalypse’s Four horseman. Angel becomes Archangel, and now we got a fairly dark and badass team of villains for the X-Men to fight.

Angel in X-Force 2
Now that the Apocalypse is defeated, Archangel is left with more power than before, fueled by vengeance. X-Force takes Warren in not only as a business partner but a full member.

X-Force MovieThis type of take would create a more dark, yet vibrant nature to the X-Men movie universe. Something I believe would blend well with other more colorful side movies, much like First Class. Eventually many of these characters will pop up if the movies continue to do good. Let’s hope they do them justice.

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