The Revival of Comic Books

Comic books are making a comeback!

After a long confusing and depressing time for the comic book industry, it seems things have finally been changing for the better over the past few years. Not only are the big two back on the big screen and television, smaller companies are getting revived with a breathe of of fresh air with room to breathe.

The comics we loved, and some never got to know, have been seen back up and running. Once praised for its writing and production, Variant has relaunched after around 20 years of production and owner ship pains. Rebooting many of their main titles such as X-O Manowar, and the Unity series. And in May the release Rai #1, a now considered classic in comic books.

Even older titles and companies such as Archie Comics is back in the game with new stories, and one of my current favorites, Mega Man. Mega Man is based heavily on the game and even follows the order of robot bosses.

So with all these new (or rebooted) characters coming into play it seems the comic book industry has finally found its market. Create unique story-lines while staying true to the original character ideas.

But not all cases involve original ideas. The number one super hero movie so far, The Avengers, is one of the oldest teams and villains in comics. But they have helped to make room and green-lights for newer comic heroes. And movie studios are still expecting to make a big buck off of Superman 2, and the new not-as-known Guardians of the Galaxy.

So some people may of thought it silly for me to start a comic book loving fan site with all the new digital media and gadgets, but I am betting this is the perfect time to get back in the know! Join me as we further explore the many universes, ideas, and art! – Cooky311 @