TikTok Videos: What Sound Is That? A Dinosaur

One hot TikTok video making its way around the web is JUHUHSISC PAROK by Kerry & Ju. Mainly famous for the way she says “Rawwr” and Dinosaur.

Made popular as a sound for other TikTokers to use such as country girl Alyssa Caps, the funny pronunciation is cute yet silly.


hope everyone has a awesome week. take time to smile. life is too short . #rawr #imadinosaur #southcarolina #countrystyle

♬ JUHUHSISC PAROK – kerry & ju
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No Cap Memes fr fr

Yea we here at ComicsandMemes.com have the best slang no cap are fr 100% with it bro. don’t be extra salty just cos we got the lit memes that’ll have you deadass shook. Just to prove it, we got this whole dope collections of fresh No Cap Memes that’ll have you in straight dyin’ fits.

Sadly this is the main editor at ComicsandMemes.com
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Stranger Things Season 4 Memes

Scarier and more gruesome, Stranger Things comes back with a banging season 4 which featuring all the kids a bit older, a new monster, new characters, and a bomb as sound track featuring Kate Bush’s running up that hill. The final 2 episodes for season for will be released on July 1st. Here’s some Stranger Things Season 4 memes to hold you over until then.

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Amber Heard Memes

Johnny Depp’s defamation case against Amber Heard is taking all the headlines this month. And this has been one of the craziest trials every publicly seen. They have covered harassing remarks and attacks, poop in the bed, dogs getting stung by bees, drug use (even in the court room)… and we’re not even half way through. Social media and other websites have made some pretty interesting memes on the case. So here are some of the Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp memes from around the web.

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