Wandavision: Mutants in the MCU

We all know since Disney bought Fox they have the rights to all the mutants in the Marvel universe. And although one theory suggest the coming powers released from the infinity stones snap in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame will unlock mutant powers on MCU earth, the children of the atom may be hear sooner than we think.

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Wandavision: Scarlet Witch and The Infinity Stones

There is no denying Wanda Maximoff has a strong connection to the infinity stones. This is especially true with the reality stone and mind stone. Although she is more connection to these two particular stones, she seems to also use powers from each stone at some point in the MCU movies and in WandaVision. But, one of the most interesting thing about Wanda and the infinity stones is her ability to destroy them, and possibly find and recreate them, which we will discuss at the end of this article.

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Why Dr. Doom is the Villain Behind WandaVision

The first two episodes of WandaVision from Disney+ certainly leave a lot unanswered, but after careful observation there are reasons to believe that Dr. Doom could be the main villain of the new hit television series. Easter eggs throughout the episodes, along with knowledge of the comics and a slip from an actress from the show help to lead to this conclusion.

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DC Protest 2021 memes

The Capitol Building was raided yesterday by a far right pro-Trump mob after a speech by Donald Trump. The DC protestes did not stay peaceful for long as the groups forced their way through the Capitol Building. Although many were hurt and the chance of a civil war is scary, the internet always find humor in the worst case scenarios.

Here is our ongoing list of memes based on the 2021 DC protest that led to the Capitol Building being raided.

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Stock Market Sectors: Do they make sense? Is it organized chaos? Let’s take a look

So, you must be just as confused as I am about how sectors work in the stock market. Opposed just just trading stocks in companies, you can focus on booming market sectors like energy or technology, making it way more fun to lose your money. There are many classifications of sectors, industry groups, and industries (not to be confused with the industrial sector). But I have many unanswered questions. Where does Automotive go? Is it in industry? What about Tesla? Wouldn’t it be in tech and energy? Idk, let’s take a look.

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