X-Men’s Quicksilver in Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr Commercial

A couple of cross over commercial featuring X-Men from X-Men: Days of Future Past eating hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. food products is making its way around the web.
i can has cheezburger biscuit quicklsilver comic meme
The first two commercials released features Quicksilver and Mystique, eating burgers and biscuit. This is one I would like to know the general comic book fan’s view on. seem more here “X-Men’s Quicksilver in Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr Commercial”

Future Gaming: Getting Closer To Virtual Reality Gaming

Over the past six months there as been a mass of articles, press releases and conferences involving the current state of virtual reality gaming. And with Facebook now backing Oculus, and Sony working on Morpheus, it looks like the future is getting closer faster than you may think.
virtual reality morpheus oculus vr
So who is behind this major development in gaming technology? Currently the biggest advancement comes from to major companies, Facebook and Sony. Facebook recently bought the Oculus name, claiming they only want to support it, seem more here “Future Gaming: Getting Closer To Virtual Reality Gaming”