2022 is 2020 Too Memes

2020 was a rough year for most. What’s worse is 2021 came and reminded us that “2020 won”. But now, with a New Year around the corner, we’re hit with the realization that 2022 is 2020… too. Here’s some of our favorite memes of what realizing that feels like. And while you’re here, don’t forget to check out:
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Breaking News! Betty White passes on Dec. 31st 2021 New Year’s Eve 🙁

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Heisman Trophy 2021

Alabama Quarterback Bryce Young won the 2021 Heisman Award on Saturday December 12. This makes the second year an Alabama player has won the award, as the team’s wide receiver DeVonta Smith won in 2020. Bryce Young was a crowd favorite to win with 314-of-462 passing (67.9 percent); 4,322 yards; 43 touchdowns to four interceptions; 31 rushing yards and three rushing touchdowns. But wait, there’s more. Along with the Heisman Trophy, Young also took home the Maxwell Award (best player) and Davey O’Brien Award (best QB). Congratulations to an outstandingly talented athlete!

Max Verstappen Memes

Max Verstappen is a Belgian-Dutch Formula 1 Racecar Driver. At the age of 17, he became the youngest driver ever to compete in Formula 1, and just a year later at 18, he became the youngest to ever win a Grand Prix race. We hope you enjoy this collection of memes directed toward the Rookie award-winning driver.

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Alec Baldwin Shooting Memes

Tragedy struck when a prop gun released a live round, fatally wounding cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, on the set of the movie “Rust”, starring Alec Baldwin, potentially ending his film career. While it is still unclear what actually happened, the internet went to work turning a catastrophe into something to laugh about.

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Sharon Weiss Burns a Marie Callender’s Pie Memes

Internet gold. A woman by the name of Sharon Weiss burnt a pumpkin pie. It happens to us all. Where she went wrong, however, was by posting a picture to Marie Callendar’s Facebook page, blaming them for the mishap. Memers everywhere went crazy. We hope this collection will be a new Thanksgiving classic to share every year.

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Spider-Man: No Way Home Memes

Spider-Man No Way Home is by far the most anticipated Marvel movie of 2021, coming out December 12th, right in time for the holidays. So its no surprise the internet is exploding with memes all across the multiverse, creating a sinister amount of laughs. So here are some of the funniest 🕷️ Spider-Man memes found around the… web.

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