This post contains spoilers for Avengers: Age of Ultron! Specially the last two paragraphs! You have been told, read at own risk!


Well it has been awhile since I first made a post about the Infinity Stones in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). So now that we are towards the end of Marvel’s phase 2 of movies, and Age of Ultron is now out, let’s take a look at how close we are to seeing all the stones and the Infinity Gauntlet.

Although these stones are called gems, or infinity gems in the comic books, for some reason they are referred to as stones in the movie, so if I say gem a few times I apologize, old habit.

I already see a pattern, two stones each phase, equaling the six total stones Thanos needs to be omnipresent and all powerful. But what we didn’t realize until later in phase two, is another stone was in front of us the whole time!

Infinity Stones - Space Gem MCUPhase One: Space Stone 
This is the first stone we really see. It is in Captain America and is part of the whole plot with Loki in Avengers. It has the power to open portals, and possible teleport its user. With the other stones it may cause omnipresence.

Phase One and Two: Mind Stone
Loki has carried this stone in his staff for awhile. It is said he received it from Thanos in hoping he (Thanos) would get it back along with the Space Stone. The soul gem can mind control people, along with apparently creating souls. But can it bring people back from the dead or more? This is yet to be seen.

Infinity Stones - Reality Gem MCUPhase Two: Reality Stone
This one gave me trouble for awhile. While its power and ancient story gave it away in Thor 2: The Dark World as a gem, I had no idea which one it was. But many are going with the Reality Gem. I though it was the power gem, until GotG came to theater. Its powers are a little strange, giving the user much strength and power. But it may not be fully unlocked yet.

Infinity Stones - Power Gem MCUPhase Two: Power Stone
This is the stone, like most featured as a strong movie plot. It is the all powerful stone pursued by Thanos and Ronin in GotG. This gem offers extreme power to its user and near invincibility. Its the gem-est looking gem of all the stones.

Phase Three: Soul Gem ?
This gem has yet to make an appearance. But I personally think it may pop up in Doctor Strange. It would make since being he is sorcerer supreme and its the soul gem/stone.

Phase Three: Time Gem?
Marvel has made statements leading me to believe that all six stones may not be exactly like they are in the comic. So these last two, Mind Gem and Time Gem, may not be exactly that. So the real question is where will they pop up.

So what we do know about the Stones. There are six. They do have different powers. And the gems, uh, stones are anywhere in the Universe!

Big Spoilers for Age of Ultron Starts Here!

mcu-infinity-guantletCurrently, there are still two more stones out and about, but according to the Collector in GotG, they were created for different parts of the Universe, so I don’t expect to see them pop up on earth. I thought Ant-Man may introduce one, but not sure how that would be possible, although the time gem would be great to connect some storylines with SHIELD, Ant-Man, the Starks, and Peggy. But since Dr. Strange is a sorcerer and will likely see beings from another world, one could easily pop up in his movie.

So now we know for sure Loki’s staff was a Infinity Stone, sneaky sneaky. But now Joss Whedon has left us and Marvel with one hell of a dilemma. Since Vision basically lives because of the Mind Stone, how will Thanos obtain it? It seems Vision must die! Whedon has a great way of taking a soon to be happy ending and twisting it.

So one thing about Ultron. He was designed to protect. And somehow he knew of the Infinity Stone’s powers, and possibly predicted the soon coming of Thanos. So to keep Thanos at a less threat,  he created Vision not only as a masterpiece, but as a protector.