Future Gaming: Getting Closer To Virtual Reality Gaming

Over the past six months there as been a mass of articles, press releases and conferences involving the current state of virtual reality gaming. And with Facebook now backing Oculus, and Sony working on Morpheus, it looks like the future is getting closer faster than you may think.
virtual reality morpheus oculus vr
So who is behind this major development in gaming technology? Currently the biggest advancement comes from to major companies, Facebook and Sony. Facebook recently bought the Oculus name, claiming they only want to support it, leaving the company with its own identity. Sony, in its own development process, has been working on this technology for years for their gaming consoles, while Oculus is new with about 2 years of development, they are making quick progress.

Not only are tech companies pushing to complete a stable functioning and easy to use virtual reality system, big companies are considering making virtual reality gaming part of the next-gen. From what Sony announced at a 2014 conference, it seems they may try to make Morpheus an add on to the PS4. Oculus says it has big plans within the next five years, while Morpheus is just looking for a stable controller and solid performance to launch.

Morpheus – Where its at
A prototype has been created. Currently Sony says they are developing Morpheus to be an add-on equipment for PS4. Combined with the PS4 move and camera it may be lighter yet dependent on the Playstation 4.

Oculus – Where its at
The ones to throw the first VR punch. Once focused on gaming and true virtual reality, Oculus was independent. Now the future of Oculus may be part of all social and business technologies.

A few thoughts on this new VR media
I think there is one major problem we are skipping over. It is vector graphics. I believe the advancement of virtual reality could progress faster if we had less concern on high definition, full textured graphics, and more concern on accurate  and clean images. Vector graphics is always talked about but barely used. This new media could take advantage of this design theory.

One thing I personally would like to see if an option against full sensory black out. This could be done with adjustable hardware, or by adding a outside camera to view your surroundings in game.

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