Month: September 2018

  • Bumblebee Trailer Review and Screenshots

    The new  sixth Transformers movie, Bumblebee, takes on new designs inspired by the original toys, along with a new director. This movie is based in the 80’s where the popularity of the toys and cartoon series Transformers all started. This time, director Michael Bay steps down, making this movie possibly the first of a new…

  • Lawyer Jokes

    There are two kinds of lawyers: those who know the law and those who know the judge. Q: What’s the difference between a lawyer and an onion? A: You cry when you cut up an onion. Q: How can you tell when a lawyer is lying? A: His lips are moving.

  • Spider-Man PS4 Controls

    Web swinging controls Hold R1 to swing.  press X to zip while swinging. Tap L2 and R2 to zip to location Hold L2 and R2 and tap X to vault off a location. Hold R2 to run on walls and X to zip up walls/buildings. Combat Controls Triangle to web attack O to Dodge (when…

  • Nike ‘Just Do It’ Memes

    Believe in something, even if it memes sacrificing everything… even your shoes? With all the debate and drama about Nike signing Colin Kaepernick, we are sure to see many memes on the advertisement and Nike’s bold business decision. Here are some of our favs so far.

  • Spider-man PS4 All Boss Battles

    When it comes to comic book games, you gotta have epic boss fights. Here’s what villain you can expect Spider-Man to face off. KINGPIN Take out one turret and sling the second into the glass. Beat up the Kingpin and his goons un til the interactive cutscene appears.

  • Spider-Man PS4 All Suits (Powers & Unlock)

    Looking to unlock all Spider-Man suits? Just curious which one will be featured in game? Well we’re here to help! This is our list of all currently known Spider-Man suits for the 2018 PS4 Spider-Man. Some suits are aesthetic, others have useful power ups. After unlocked, you can switch from suit to suit. Suits in…

  • Spider-Man PS4: Anticipated game of 2018 gets good reviews!

    Of course here at ComicsandMemes we are excited for the new Spider-Man game coming out Sept. 7th 2018 (this weekend), but it seems the Spidey love is being shared by many gamers and critics alike. Could these be the best Spider-Man game to date? Will it do our friendly web slinger justice? We can’t wait…

  • Eminem’s 2018 Album Kamikaze Cover Artwork Pays Tribute To Beastie Boys’s Licensed To Ill

    Eminem made a stealth bomb of a move releasing an album unexpectedly on midnight, Friday August 31st named Kamikaze. The new Slim Shady album features a variety of influences of past and current rap, and shows an obvious reference to the Beastie Boys hit and music changing album Licensed to Ill. Strangely some people are…

  • Color Changing Optical Illusion

    New for our ongoing collection of some of the best, coolest optical illusions, here is one that looks like the colors change as you look in the center. This is a light effect, adding a bit of eye trickery, creating movement and change of color. Found online at Pinterest