Alchemial Apprentice

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This quest is given by the NPC Cowbo Jones in YumYum Grotto in World Two. It is part of the main questline for World Two.


Unlock 1 Alchemy Bubble
Collect 1 Distilled Water


“Moving on then, them monsters gonna whoop yo behind if ya don’t use that there Alchemy Cauldron mabobber.”

“Listen up, and I’ll tell ya how it works:
You assign characters to different cauldrons to power them, There are Bubble Cauldrons, on the 1st page, and Liquid Cauldrons, on the 2nd page.”

“BUBBLE CAULDRONS slowly unlock new bonus bubbles. The small ones are passive, and will give their bonus to all your characters, all the time. The bigger ones must be equipped.”

“LIQUID CAULDRONS give you items, You can only hold so many liquids, so make sure to use them when you can.”

“… you get all that pardner? Ya better “ave cause I’m boutta test ya! Go unlock a bubble, and buy some pure water from the Liquid Shop!”

Completed Quest Text:
“Yall got yerself some smarts up in that head of yours, yell you hwat! That was some technical stuff ya just figured out! Let’s cover one last thing before we start bustin’ crime.”


To complete this quest you will need to access the Alchemy Cauldron in YumYum Grotto. A character will need to be assigned to any cauldron. To do this click on any of the four colored cauldrons while on the Brewing Tab. Then tap on any character on the right side of the menu to assign them to the chosen cauldron. Tap the Brew button with Bubble selected (not Boost) to gain one bubble. One is all you need for this quest. This will complete the first part of the quest.

To complete part to go to the next tab over, the Liquid Tab. You should already naturally have enough resources to buy one Distilled Water on the top right of the shelf. Once again, one is all you need. Now you can return to Cowbo Jones to show him you have started using Alchemy and complete the quest!


2 Weapon Upgrade Stone II
3 Armor Upgrade Stone II
40 Alchemy Exp