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Welcome to the Idleon! Complete Walkthrough Guide Part 2. Although you have unlocked World Two there will always be plenty to do in World One. In World One there will almost always be some kind of material to farm, town skills to use like crafting and forging, bonuses such as stamps and statues, and new quests will be added in time as well. So don’t forget about it! Consider All world town areas as one big city, connected by portals. That being said, let’s get started on World Two!

World Two: Yum-Yum Desert

YumYum Grotto: World 2 Town Area

Once you enter World 2 from the Blunder Hills portal you will have access to new skills, new tasks, and plenty of new quests. Like World One, the World Two town area has a shop and storage box. Before starting your adventuring and exploring be sure to get the Guilding Tools, check the obol alter, and assign some characters to the Alchemy Cauldron, and possibly start your first Post Office delivery. Also you can go ahead and click the clown to start the Arcade Game.

Note! The World Two vendor offers many upgrades for your storage, and also Talent Point Potion Fragments and Teleport Potions. These are definitely worth getting.

World Two also offers two new Idleon professions, fishing and catching, which work similar to mining and choppin, which we will get into later.

One of the first things you want to do in World Two is go the shop vendor and purchase the Guilding Tools. Return to World One’s town and give this to the statue. Drop it in front and you will see the statue guy turn gold! Now all statue bonuses will work on all characters, and stack what as already been turned in!

Next, complete the quest Bad Kitty, Get Off That Alter! by purchasing a BobJoePickle from the shop vendor in World Two’s town. Drop the item next to the kitty on the alter and it will open up the alter. Now you can assign obols to either all characters (family), or to individual characters. Now onto alchemy and more!

OMG, thanks Lava! Had no idea bubbles helped all characters not assigned to that cauldron! D’oh!

Next it is time to check out the Alchemy Cauldron. Alchemy is a big part of the game (We’ll get into more alchemy later with main quest from Cowbo Jones as well). It is a skill in itself, helping all characters. Mages dominate the experience and speed bonuses for alchemy. Go ahead and assign characters to each cauldron to get them started. You should have 4 players at this point, one for each cauldron. Or you can assign two characters to one cauldron to get it going quicker. IF so, we recommended the Quicc cauldron first, until you unlock the big bubble Hammer Hammer for more production, which you may need.

Alchemy is something to be checked up on periodically, much like the smithing skill at the anvil, and now also the arcade game and post office in World Two. Alchemy has much to it and is important early game and even a huge part of end game as of now. There is always some alchemy to do. Like mentioned before alchemy will be covered more later on a few parts down in this guide. Now let’s look at the Post Office, and get ready to quest!

Post Office and Other Starting Quests

Now we will finally start questing in World Two. You will want to do this before adventuring out into World Two. First we will grab a few of the one-shot quests, along with starting our first day of Post-Office deliveries. All these quests can be find up top, the second story of World Two’s town. We’ve already done Bad Kitty, Get Off That Alter!, so now get the next portal quest, Restoring Power To Another Portal, given by Constructor Crow. This quest will be done after defeating the World Two Boss Efaunt, allowing access to World Three. Next grab the task quest from Desert Davey, U Cool?. Finishing this quest will unlock tasks and achievements for World Two. And last but by far not the least, the Post Office Quest!

Completing the one-shot post office quest, Signed, Sealed, and Lost in the Post, will unlock the Post Office. This quest requires unlocking the second tab for the Anvil. This is quite a check point if you have been flying through the game. But luckily, at this point you should have a couple of characters who can idle and collect, while a couple others progress through the main quest line, advancing the game and opening portals. However, using an archer’s smithing talents can greatly speed up the process for materials needed for this quest. See our smithing guide for more info.

World Two: Starting The Main Quest

After you’ve set up your professions and unlocked some daily tasks, we can begin the main quest line and adventure into World Two! To start the quest talk to Cowbo Jones to the right of the town YumYum Grotto. He will give you the first main quest, The Grind Begins…?. The quest says it requires killing 99,999 sandy pots… but not really. You only need to kill about 7. Simply head right into the portal for the first adventuring area of World Two, Jar Bridge.

World Two: Jar Bridge

Jar Bridge is where you will find just a couple of things. First of course are the monsters, Sandy Pots. These are needed for the first main quest The Grind Begins. They drop Pocket Sand as their monster drop, and Glass Shard as their rare monster drop. Also, Jar Bridge is where the first catching spot is. Here you can idle farm or play the mini game to catch flies. Archers are great for catching, and later can choose catching talents as the subclass Bowman. The Grind Begins quest will end after about killing 7 sandy pots, with a message popping up from Lava. Return to Cowbo Jones in town to complete the quest.

Cowbo Jones will next reward you with another quest to kill Sandy Pots called The Hatless Howerhouse!. This time return to Jar Bridge and kill 20 pots, hatless! Simply unequip your helmet and return to town to refill health if it gets low. Next he will give you a quick quest called No Town For One Character that requires creating 4 characters. This should be done anyway by this point, so turn it in and move on to the next main quest, Say Goodbye to your Dubloon, which is really just a quick test to see if you have enough coins saved to advance. Buy one from the shop vender next to Cowbo Jones and turn in the quest. The next two main story quests by Cowbo Jones will involve alchemy and the cauldron.

Practicing Alchemy with Cowbo Jones

Cowbo Jones will first give you the quest Alchemial Apprentice, challenging you to unlock a bubble in alchemy and buy a distilled water from the alchemy liquid tab page. Coincidently this is also a good time to cover Alchemy a bit more. As this quest requires using the first two out of four tabs for alchemy, and the next quest covers the third (the forth tab is just paying for upgrades, Pay2Win).

The four tabs of alchemy are brewing, liquid, vials, and pay2win. You will need to click on brew on any of the four color cauldrons to get a bubble, completing half of the current quest. If characters were assigned earlier you may have cauldron points ready, if not, actively farm or play min-games until they are ready. getting the first bubble is the easiest on all cauldrons.

Next click the second tab in the alchemy cauldron screen to bring up the liquid tab. Purchase on of the Distilled Waters to complete the quest. And while your at it feel free to purchase a few more bonus materials from the liquid shop tab. Liquid cauldrons fill up in time and cap, so use them often! Now we can return to Cowbo Jones and get the second alchemy quest, Three Vials? Those are Rookie Numbers!

The next alchemy/main quest is not as technical as the last. To complete it unlock any two vials by dropping items next to the alchemy cauldron. Drop any item in front of the cauldron to gain vials. Spore Caps, Copper Ore, Oak Logs, and Copper Bars are a few examples of easy to get resources to drop. If you already have unlocked two or more vials the quest will automatically be completed. And, Three Vials? Those are Rookie Numbers! will be ready to complete for future characters! Vials are another very useful part of alchemy. Any extra resources that can be spared can be used to add extra stats to the whole family of players. Now, wow that was alot for alchemy. After turning in the last alchemy quest Cowbo Jones will give us our next quest to find Bandit Bob, Notorious B.O.B. Now we can get back to adventuring and killing monsters.

Bandit Bob & The World Two Dungeon

Now we could go through World Two from area to area in order like we did the first world, or take a short cut to find Bob and complete the next quest. Like the dungeon in World One, you can teleport straight to it from World Two by using the map once that world is unlocked.

This guide was last updated 12/30/2021! We are working hard to fully cover every single part of Legends of Idleon! If we have missed anything or you would like to contribute please contact as by comment, email, or facebook!