Could Hulk Actually Be A Mutant?

is hulk a mutant
Over the years Marvel super heroes have become more related. Heroes may be connected by being a mutant, alien descendants, or related to other marvels. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby had a habit of connecting their comic universes, just like the MCU is now. So, with a few clues and hints, I have a theory that The Hulk could also be a mutant. (Spider-Man may be a mutant as well)

According to the X-comics, mutation takes place during puberty, or young teen years. But, what if the mutation is only visible on the outside. Mutants usually have an obvious super power trait or strange appearance. Some have laser eyes, some have fur or blue skin. But what if the mutant power was to be indestructible? Enter mutant Hulk. I think it is possible, that Bruce Banner did have a super power, to not die easily.

But, The Hulk is not mostly known for just being indestructible, but more so for turning into a big green monster when he is angry, with his power growing the more angry he gets. So, even though The Hulk may have not had a death defying situation before, surely he had gotten mad before the radiation blast made him the big green mutant we know today. So, in this mutant theory, The Hulk is a mutated mutant. A radiated child of the atom.

To simply put it, The Hulk/Bruce Banner may have been a mutant who could not be killed, and when he got hit by a nuclear radiation, his power went insane, going out of control in strength and mass when he lost control of his anger. After all, Bruce Banner himself is said to be indestructible.

“That much radiation should of killed you”
– Tony Stark/Iron Man in Avengers

Another strong supporting fact is that mutants in the Marvel comics universe are created by two things. First, mutant genes are dominate in mankind, waiting to become triggered. Actually, they were placed there by the aliens called Celestials. Secondly, it is said that human progress, such as radio waves and nuclear power, caused mutant genes to show up earlier than expected.  The Beast’s parents worked at a nuclear plant. Professor X’s dad worked in the same field, even the Manhattan Project. Not only did Bruce Banner work in nuclear physics, so did his dad. The Hulk’s dad actually believed monster genes ran in the family, and he dad once was involved in an explosion at a lab.