CUE: Cards, The Universe and Everything: Game Guide and Info

CUE Codes | Crafting Recipes | Deck Ideas
How To Beat A Science Deck

CUE is an awesome card game with 1000s of cards used to create and 18 card deck to play against other players with. Release on Dec. 3rd 2019 by Avid games, it is one of our top rated new games for 2022.

CUE Codes

Where to enter codes? Clicking the 3 dots in the top right corner will open up a menu to enter your CUE codes. They will offer bonus coins, gems, and cards. Only so many can be entered at a time so be sure and use the ones you want!


Crafting Recipes

Crafting cards is when you take 9 cards and craft them to a higher level tier. Such as 9 common cards to make a rare, 9 rare to make an epic, or 9 epic to make a legendary. Using 9 legendary will create a limited legendary. Also, using particular cards will also create rare cards only made by crafting. Currently the craft only cards are as followed:

  1. The Alphabet
  2. Cornucopia
  3. Nine Muses
  4. The Chromatic Scale
  5. William Shakespeare
  6. Pangaea
  7. The Periodic Table

Deck Ideas

Currently the most popular deck themes or ideas is a science deck or paleontology deck. Also decks can focus around using limited legendries or mythic cards.

How To Beat A Science Deck

One of the most annoying deck to go against is a science deck built with Sue Black cards. They constantly boost themselves. On top of that you have to wait for each card to show its action and make that annoying boost sound affect. Until your collection of cards overpower this deck, you will face it alot. Here are some tips to getting past all those Sue Black Science decks.
1. Having the right cards to counter them.
One of the best cards to defend against science decks is Common Chimpanzee. This card causes science cards to lose 30 power for the rest of the round.
Tip! If you draw this card wait on turn 2 or 3 wait until the next round to use it. Other useful cards against science decks are: Hilma Af Klint, Pacman Frog, and The Rosenbergs.

2. Building power with permanent cards.
The Sue Black In The Bones card rely on buff bonuses that activate until played. So adding cards that do permanent power bonuses to your cards or negative power damage to their cards can make all the difference. When playing a science deck you may be in for a long game lasting all five rounds. However its always worth it for the win.