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How To Beat A Science Deck

CUE is an awesome card game with 1000s of cards used to create and 18 card deck to play against other players with. Release on Dec. 3rd 2019 by Avid games, it is one of our top rated new games for 2022.

This Week’s League Theme: Magic Get Together

August 21 – August 28

Its a fair energy week. And one popular card is Laser Sword, boosting off any players Forces of the Universe.

The Soul is a new mythic card that boost Philosophy, Curious Cuisine, and Musically Minded cards in hand by +55 until played. I hope to get it to add to my food deck!

Current Popular Decks:
Cephalopods/Octopus Deck

CUE Codes

Where to enter codes? Clicking the 3 dots in the top right corner will open up a menu to enter your CUE codes. They will offer bonus coins, gems, and cards. Only so many can be entered at a time so be sure and use the ones you want!


Crafting Recipes

Crafting cards is when you take 9 cards and craft them to a higher level tier. Such as 9 common cards to make a rare, 9 rare to make an epic, or 9 epic to make a legendary. Using 9 legendary will create a limited legendary. Also, using particular cards will also create rare cards only made by crafting. Currently the craft only cards are as followed:

  1. The Alphabet
  2. Cornucopia
  3. Nine Muses
  4. The Chromatic Scale
  5. William Shakespeare
  6. Pangaea
  7. The Periodic Table

CUE Deck Guide

Decks can be built based on a certain Album/Collection, Ability, or even around a certain card. There are thousands of cards in CUE and rather playing for fun or more competitive, there is many ways to build a deck. You may also build you deck for casual games or for the weekly league. This guide is here to get you started and hopefully inspire some deck ideas.

Every deck needs a good balance of energy and power, along with use of abilities and matching themes. Even the most powerful cards need to have synergy with the rest of the deck. One of the good thing about Cards, The Universe, and Everything is its rare for players never know what card they are going to get and some cards are hard to come by, like Mythic Cards. So even when deck building you may have to change it up, and we’re keeping this in mind! Since there are so many decks, we will focus on the most powerful and popular decks as we grow our recommended cards for decks collection.

Here is a list of common decks used in Cards, The Universe, and Everything:

CUE Card Guide

Top Tier Cards | Mythic Cards

Cards Great for Almost Every Deck

Some cards have good synergy with almost every deck, such at Martin Luther King and Hel. These cards are great to hold on to for deck building and also valuable for trade because of playability.

Top Tier Cards

What tier a card is can be very debatable. So take this as a general guide. You may notice many of these cards work in many decks, but some do require a certain deck to work with, such as Holy Grail or Odin.

Top Mythic Cards:
1. Planet X/Archangel
2. Flying Dutchman
3. Nazca
4. Theory of Everything
5. Holy Grail
6. Great Flood/Unicorn
7. Simulation Theory

Top Limited Legendary Cards:
1. Hel
2. The World Turtle
3. Eros
4. Heimdall
5. The Black Knight
6. Yellowjacket
7. King Midas
8. Clouded Leopard
9. Pika
10. Lithops

Top Limited Epic Cards:
1. Testudo Formation
2. Art Deco
3. Agamemnon
4. The Lovers (VI)
5. Andronikos II Palaiologos
6. Odin/Frigga Combo
7. Ouroboros
8. Hamburger
9. Set of All Sets
10. Tungsten

All About Mythic Cards

All Mythic Cards List With Images

How many mythic cards are their in CUE? There are currently 27 mythic cards in CUE: Cards, The Universe, And Everything. The chances of drawing a mythic card in a pack is said to be 0.007%. That’s not great odds. However they can show up in any pack including level up packs and standard card packs. See our tier list above for current ranking of mythic cards.

Some mythic cards work best with certain card/deck types. Such as:
The Holy Grail: Arthurian Legends & Brilliant Huma Body
Kraken: Ocean and Seas Deck
Mermaids: Fabulous Fish, Feisty Fish, & Oceans and Seas
The Great Flood: Oceans and Seas Deck
Laika: Amazing Astronauts Cards
Planet X: Space Deck
Bigfoot: Primates Cards
Gryphon: Birds & Mammals Cards
Bunyip: Paleontology Deck
The God Particle: Excellent Elements
Lightspeed Travel: Science Deck
The Theory of Everything: Science Deck
The Flying Dutchman: Plundering Pirates Cards*

The remaining mythic cards are useful in almost any deck. Such as the following:
Nazca Lines
Pandora’s Box
The Flying Dutchman*
Area 51
The Tunguska Event
El Dorado
The Ark of the Covenant
The Grim Reaper
Lock Ness Monster
Simulation Theory
The Multiverse

*The Flying Dutchman is a great card for many decks. It gives your cards in hand +48 this turn if losing the round. However it is even better in a Plundering Pirates based deck since if you are winning the round they get +36 for two turns. So The Flying Dutchman is a highly valued card.

How To Beat A Science Deck

One of the most annoying deck to go against is a science deck built with Sue Black cards. They constantly boost themselves. On top of that you have to wait for each card to show its action and make that annoying boost sound affect. Until your collection of cards overpower this deck, you will face it alot. Here are some tips to getting past all those Sue Black Science decks.
1. Having the right cards to counter them.
One of the best cards to defend against science decks is Common Chimpanzee. This card causes science cards to lose 30 power for the rest of the round.
Tip! If you draw this card wait on turn 2 or 3 wait until the next round to use it. Other useful cards against science decks are: Hilma Af Klint, Pacman Frog, and The Rosenbergs.

2. Building power with permanent cards.
The Sue Black In The Bones card rely on buff bonuses that activate until played. So adding cards that do permanent power bonuses to your cards or negative power damage to their cards can make all the difference. When playing a science deck you may be in for a long game lasting all five rounds. However its always worth it for the win.