CUE Guide: Curious Cuisines (Food) Deck

Good food with Attitude! This deck guide focuses on the Curious Cuisines collection in the Art and Culture card album. Since we don’t know what cards you have, and you can only have 18 in a deck, this is a general guide with ideas and current play as of date. This can always change as well!

Best Cards For Food Deck

These are cards that really make the Curious Cuisines Deck really cook! But Good luck collecting them all as usual. If you’re lucky enough to open them in a pack or work hard to trade for them, keep these in your food deck.

  • Gluhwein
  • Red Panda
  • Deep-fried Mars Bar
  • Pizza
  • Fangtooth Moray
  • Hamburger
  • The Renaissance

Gluhwein is a really rare card yet probably the best card for a Curious Cuisines deck. It is the main “hold” card for the food deck. At start or each round it adds for to all Curious Cuisine cards until played. I would say that’s pretty overpowered, but honestly the food deck isn’t one of the toughest decks currently on its own.

More Great Card For Food Deck

These cards round out the deck and make the Curious Cuisine deck complete. They are not as hard to obtain as the previous cards, but really give your food cards a boost.

  • Sushi
  • Century Egg
  • Eton Mess + Strawberry Moon
  • Agatha Christie
  • Spam Musubi
  • Cornucopia

Strawberry Moon is a space card that boosts your Curious Cuisine cards by 20 this turn and next. But it has a low power of 29 itself, so its only really useful if you have Eton mess which permanently give it plus 29 power. The Cornucopia card is recommended because it lowers costs for Curious Cuisine cards and is a Curious Cuisine card.

A Few Other Card Options For Food Deck

So now if you had the cards mentioned before you would be at 14. Leaving 4 more card spaces. Also major congrats if you have all those! But if not, besides your usual powerful cards for any deck or energy cards, here are some recommended cards. Any of the limited legendaries in the Curious Cuisine collection can be a great add on for this food deck. Also, there are a few cards outside the collection that help with energy cost for the Curious Cuisine cards.

  • Burrito (limited legendary)
  • Shawarma (limited legendary)
  • Blini (limited legendary)
  • Oliebollen (limited legendary)
  • George Washington Carver (+20 on CC cards this round)
  • Microwave Ovens (-1 cost per round on CC cards)
  • The Digestive System (+11 on CC cards for 2 turns)
  • Butter Lamb (+60 for adjacent CC cards)

Tongue and Vegetarian Sausages also boost the Curious Cuisine deck but aren’t really recommended.

Other Card Collections That It Blends Well With

If you want to have a hybrid or blended deck the following card collections go well with Curious Cuisine cards.

  • Beautiful Butter Flies
  • Robinhood
  • Modern Medicine (Roald Dahl deck)

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