Memes Made By Legos

I love memes. And I love Legos. So when these two things are combined it makes me happy. Luckily many Lego artists have been inspired by popular memes to recreate some of the most well known meme images into actual Lego artwork pieces with real Lego bricks. Check some of these images of on memes made my Legos.

Lego Distracted Boyfriend Meme and More by Lain Heath

Lego artist Lain Heath, who has been featured on Ellen, Pewdiepie, and more has recreated two of the most popular memes today, Distracted Boyfriend and Woman Pointing At Cat meme. He also has a cool side by side image on his Instagram of a Lego Bernie Sanders.

It’s also worth noting Lain Heath has done other Lego artworks of pop culture events and characters such as the Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard trial, Star Wars, and MCU.

Lego Truman Collection

LegoTruman has also some very notable and recognized Lego works such as Starry Night and Winnie the Pooh.