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Updates for Wednesday June 12th, 2014
Alienware Gaming System: Alpha Console
alienware alpha console

Updates for Tuesday June 11th, 2014
The E3 2014 event continues today starting with Nintendo showing off its new games including the latest Su perSmash Bros for Wii U, Zelda and more! Watch live with us or check back later for more announcements and unannounced titles.

Nintendo announces Hyrule Warriors, a game where you can play as many different Zelda characters.

Nintendo announces Amiibo along with Disney, a new toy, mostly figures, that send information to your game system.  The first game to work with Amiibo will be Super Smash Brothers on Wii U. Many more are said to come, such as ones for Mario Kart.

SquareEnix gives away big details for Final Fantasy XIV, included the new class Rouges/Ninjas, and a future nearly unbeatable mode called Brutal.
final fantasy xiv realm reborn ninja


(Monday June 9th, 2012) Today E3 2014 starts, which means its time to prepare for a crapload of video game news for weeks to come. This year we get past all the video game console wars hype and get into the games themselves. Now that the systems are out, be expecting some new types of gameplay and new games with content.

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Twitch is showing an all day special focusing on the big media press conferences from major video game companies such as Microsoft, Sony, Ubisoft and more. You can watch E3 2014 live on Twitch.
e3 on twitch

This years E3 Kicked off with Microsoft displaying a bunch of new game trailers and trailers. Some of these new games included Assasin’s Creed: Unity, Call Of Duty, Halo 5 and the Halo: Master Chief collection. Much more is to come as we review and update as it happens!

Update: Microsoft Expo Shows Off Assasin’s Creed: Unity

EA shows off Dragon Age: Inquisition, NHL15, Bioware talks about the next Mass Effect, and a sneak peak at the new Sims 4 is shown. Also Bruce Lee in an Ultimate Fighting game? More to come from E3 2014. Emotion seems to be the theme this year with EA, claiming feelings effecting characters during gameplay in Sims 4 and Madden 15.

Sims 4: Selfie.
Sims 4 Selfie

EA shows a quick NHL 15 preview

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