Get to know the Super Heroes: Daredevil

get to know daredevilDaredevil
First Appearance: Daredevil #4 (April 1964)
Race: Human
Powers: Heightened Senses 
Show: Upcoming Netflix Series

With all the new super hero media on televisions, in theater, and soon on Netflix, we think it would be a good time to do a few post about super heroes featured on screen. We plan on including heroes like Thor, Daredevil, (Green) Arrow, and as many as we can fit in.

This first “Get to know the Super Heroes” post focuses on Daredevil, a long time favorite of mine. I almost got a tattoo on my back when I turned 21 of Daredevil but then I found out Ben Affleck was about to play him in the movie. He is one of the Marvel Knights who was created in 1963 by Stan Lee and Bill Everett.

Daredevil is considered a “street-level” character, meaning he fights more street crime, and not so many aliens and inter-dimensional cyborgs. Street-level heroes usually aren’t over powered and are more likely to fight gangs and crime lords. But Daredevil has seen his fair share of ninjas and super villains.

The Powers: Daredevil is unique in that what gave him power also handicapped him. He was in a crash with a toxic truck and it blinded him. But the toxic made all his other senses strong enough to be considered super powers. He can hear a heart skip a beat, smell better than a canine, and reflexes or a wild animal. On top of all this Daredevil has spent years training in the city streets to be one of the fastest fighters in Hell’s Kitchen.

The Name: Daredevil is the secret identity of the man Matt Murdock. Matt is a lawyer who grew up in New York. His dad was a boxer, who was killed by the mob for not taking a fall. He was then raised by nuns in a local church, giving him a strong religous background. Considered to be the man without fear, willing to fight any good cause, he puts on his red suit and becomes Daredevil

Enemies: Like many super heroes, Daredevil has many villians to fight. But is main enemy would have to be a tie between Bullseye and Kingpin. Kingpin is the cause of most the violence around Daredevil, and with Matt also being a lawyer, he sees how corrupt and powerful he really is. Bullseye, even though he is just a hitman, matches Daredevil in strength and power, and has beaten him near death on a few occasions. Bullseye, also is the killer of Daredevil’s long time girlfriend, Karen Page. If that isn’t a arch-enemy, I don’t know what is.