Get to know the Super Heroes: Thor

First Appearance: Journey into Mystery #83 (’62)
Race: Asgardian
Powers: Long living, flight ,lighting control, speed, strength
Show: Avengers and Thor

With all the new super hero media on televisions, in theater, and soon on Netflix, we think it would be a good time to do a few post about super heroes featured on screen. We plan on including heroes like Thor, Daredevil, (Green) Arrow, and as many as we can fit in.

Thor is a much loved character in the Marvel Comics long list of heroes. His first appearance in comics was in August 1962 in Journey into Mystery issue 83. Thor was born in Asgard to Odin and is the brother of Loki.

Notable Aliases: Thor as been known to go by aliases such as Sigmund, Siegfried, Dr. Donald Blake, Jake Olsen, Sigurd Jarlson, and Eric Masterson. Some of these aliases are actually mortals who came to posses the power of Thor after his exile from Asgard.

Abilities: Thor is best known for his power over electricity and weather, these powers are actually given to him by Mjolnir his hammer. Thor’s powers without Mjolnir are unnaturally long life by mortal standards, godlike strength that gives even the hulk a good fight. Thor is also faster than alot of marvel characters, and Mjolnir grants him the ability to fly as well.

Enemies: Thor’s most notable villain is actually his brother Loki. Loki is actually half Joten (frost giant) and is know as the silver tongue because of how good he is at manipulating those around him. he can also create illusions with asgardian magic learned from his adoptive mother Freya