Halo Infinite: Video Walkthrough (TheRadBrad)

Pro gamer and star YouTuber TheRadBrad has completed another fun yet extensive guide to one of the last but best games of 2021, Halo Infinite, available on Xbox and PC.

This 18 part video walk through covers the game campaign for Halo Infinite from start to end, including the original soundtrack and all cinematics. If you want more details on what is in the game check out our Halo Infinite: Guide and Info page for bosses, weapons, and missions. watch and even play along if you’d like with all the videos below!

HALO INFINITE Campaign Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 – INTRO (FULL GAME)

In part one Brad introduces us to the game, along with the fact he only has so many days to beat it! So the timed battle begins as he rushes into action as Master Chief. Here we get a jumpstart with Part One being the longest video, and the only one in this Halo walkthrough reaching over an hour. Brad shows us a few of the starting weapons (mostly guns and grenades) and some of his old school Halo skills. This part covers the first two missions, ending with the first boss of the game, Tremonious.

HALO INFINITE Campaign Walkthrough Gameplay Part 2 – ECHO 216 (FULL GAME)

TheRadBrad continues the walkthrough starting on Mission 3, starting with the Mangler weapon. We also see a glimpse the war chief Escharum in the first cinematic scene before the mission starts. Escharum is also one of the last bosses. at the 10:20 we get the next cinematic and the start of the 4th mission, Recovery and The Tower. Now halo Infinite becomes more of an open world game. Allowing teleporting to areas and more. The video ends near the beginning of the second part of mission 4, The Tower, and Brad getting to jump into the classic vehicle, The Mongoose.

HALO INFINITE Campaign Walkthrough Gameplay Part 3 – SPARTAN CORE (FULL GAME)

Part 4 of TheRadBrad’s Guide finishes off the rest of mission 4. This leads up to the second boss fight, Chak’Lok.

HALO INFINITE Campaign Walkthrough Gameplay Part 4 – CHAK ‘LOK BOSS (FULL GAME)

TheRadBrad vs Chak’Lok. We know who wins but its till fun to watch. One of the keys to taking out the second boss Chak’Lok is using plasma or electric electric to destroy his shields. He also moves fast and has cloaking tech. Grenades are great for exposing his location. As you see her Brad takes him out quick with two plasma grenades. Also in this Halo Infinite walkthrough Part 4 video we see TheRadBrad start mission 5, Excavation Site.

HALO INFINITE Campaign Walkthrough Gameplay Part 5 – BASSUS BOSS (FULL GAME)

In Halo Infinite walkthrough part 5 TheRadBrad finishes the Excavation Site mission and fights the 3rd boss of the game, Bassus. But before he can finish the mission and boss, he has to fight a waves of The Banished and and take out two regulators. This mission also requires taking out 4 pylons. Many enemies make this mission a challenge.

HALO INFINITE Campaign Walkthrough Gameplay Part 6 – CORTANA (FULL GAME)

TheRadBrad continues into mission 6 of Halo Infinite in the Conservatory. Master Chief is on a mission to see what The Banished are looking for. The Conservatory mission ends with introducing Halo’s flying enemy, skimmers! After a battle with these new creatures and some brutes, Master Chief played by Brad (Master Brad?) heads to the Spire, which starts the 7th mission.

HALO INFINITE Campaign Walkthrough Gameplay Part 7 – FREEFALL (FULL GAME)

TheRadBrad Halo Infinite part 7 kicks off with mission 7, Spire. Another giant tower-like spaceship, that Master Chief and Weapon are unsure about. After exploring the top of the Spire we come across another boss fight, this time it is Adjutant Resolution, part one. Adjutant Resolution is considers boss fights 4 and 6. Man TheRadBrad is getting good at flying through some of these guides!

HALO INFINITE Campaign Walkthrough Gameplay Part 8 – ESCHARUM (FULL GAME)

TheRadBrad tells his favorite Halo, gets stuck, and starts the Pelican Down mission, which is mission# 8. Here we see a few hologram messages from Escharum, and take out a few AA guns.

HALO INFINITE Campaign Walkthrough Gameplay Part 9 – TOVARUS & HYPERIUS BOSSES (FULL GAME)

Part 9 introduces not one but two bosses who team up to take out Master Chief. Enter the spartan killers, Tovarus and Hyperius. These two work together to try and take out Master Brad, without much luck. At point 14:09 we start mission 9, The Sequence. This video has many cinematics, advancing the Halo Storyline.

HALO INFINITE Campaign Walkthrough Gameplay Part 10 – THE SPIRE (FULL GAME)

TheRadBrad continues his walkthrough as he advances in The Sequence mission. Takes a look at some side missions and completes the Annex Ridge. The Sequence goes on through part 10 and into the next part of the walkthrough for Halo Infinite as well

HOW HALO CHANGED MY LIFE in HALO INFINITE Campaign Walkthrough Gameplay Part 11 (FULL GAME)

Brad talks about some of his first videos and how he started off with his gaming videos over ten years ago, and why Halo means so much to him, while progressing through the tedious mission of The Sequence. The Sequence ends with telling the player to go the Command Spire, which is also the name of mission 12. But, before that mission starts, there is another one first, The Nexus, found below the spire. This starts towards the end of the video

HALO INFINITE Campaign Walkthrough Gameplay Part 12 – WHISPERS (FULL GAME)

The story campaign walkthrough continues searching for the Nexus. In the search we run into some familiar characters, as the story becomes a bit more intense and personal for Master Chief.


The Command Spire offers a challenge as TheRadBrad rushes through a swarm of enemies. Here we get to see the Adjutant Resolution final boss, or part 2. But we can see as the game gets closer to the end, the difficulty goes up!

HALO INFINITE Campaign Walkthrough Gameplay Part 14 – HALSEY (FULL GAME)

This part features mission 12, The Repository. The Command Spire is finished off as the battle intensifies. Echo 216 is in jeopardy as a Spartan Killer sneaks into his ship. Master Chief has to act fast before he is a goner. Escharum gets irritated at his plans failing. There are only a few more missions and bosses left until the story campaign is over!

HALO INFINITE Campaign Walkthrough Gameplay Part 15 – ATRIOX (FULL GAME)

Sit back and enjoy the story as Master Chief reveals the truth of Weapon’s history and some of his own. All the players are connected, but no matter what the story, the mission stays the same and the game must go on for the spartan. The mission The Road is ran through as well. (13/15).
“We made it.” “We made it”

HALO INFINITE Campaign Walkthrough Gameplay Part 16 – JEGA ‘RDOMNAI BOSS (FULL GAME)

Escharum has welcomed you to the arena known as the House of Reckoning (mission 14 of 15). House of Reckoning includes many enemies, finishing with two bosses. These bosses are Jega, then finally Escharum. However TheRadBrad ends part 16 of the playthrough with Jega, saving Escharum for the next.

HALO INFINITE Campaign Walkthrough Gameplay Part 17 – ESCHARUM BOSS (FULL GAME)

Here TheRadBrad comes face to face with the big bad Escharum. Can he beat him? I guess so cause it says full game walkthrough. Afterwards, the final mission is started, The Silent Auditorium.


The final part of the Halo Infinite campaign walkthrough by TheRadBrad comes to an end with the final boss fight, Harbinger. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we have! Check out the bonus videos below of multiplayer mode and bonus content.


Bonus Video. TheRadBrad plays his first online match.


TheRadBrad shows some more bonus content from Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode.