RIP John Madden Tribute (With Memes)

2021 is ending with a boom with the sad news of football legend John Madden’s passing. John Madden was a legend in the field and a household name for the sport, and one if not the most famous NFL commentators. His life spanned from April 10, 1936 – December 28, 2021, living for 85 years until his death.

John Madden was a cultural icon, from having a college career as a player, being the head coach of the Oakland Raiders from 1969 to 1978, and then being a color commentator from 1979 t0 2008. He is also well known for having the most successful NFL football video games named after him, Madden NFL, which started in 1988 and is ongoing to this day.

John Madden was a very colorful announcer with a unique voice, giving so much character that he was often impersonated by many comedians on skit shows, and other comedy media. We’re sure he got a kick off of this kind of publicity, and didn’t mind as he was often humorous himself. I mean, he did do a foot powder commercial. Wait, was that a football pun, too?

John Madden in Pop Culture

For being well known John Madden was found in all kinds of pop culture. He has even had movie appearances such is in Little Big Giants, The Replacements, and even used his voice for a The Simpson episode. He has even been on SNL in the early days with Eddie Murphy.

Comedian Frank Caliendo has even had much success in his career by impersonating John Madden on Mad TV and David Letterman.

John Madden even used his famous bigger than life personality for a few television commercials.

John Madden Memes