Idleon!: Arcade Game, playing and other info

Idleon now has a new mini-game with a ballpit released along with Version 1.30. The game basically place like Plinko gone crazy! To play just hit launch as many times as you like to send your balls flying, pinball style. Yet, there is no bumpers, just pure luck. Arcade offers bonus rewards such as money, gems, and even stat bonuses in the shop. And if you are lucky, you can hit the jackpot or more to the bonus round for more ball action!

Where To Find The Arcade Clown In Idleon

To play the arcade game all you have to do is find and talk to the itty bitty little clown in Word Two. He is to the right of the taskmaster. The first time he is clicked he will say:
“Games! Fun! Prizes! Come play, why dont ya!”
“I run the Arcade, the greatest game in town! Search around, there isn’t a more thrilling game to be found! Just gimme a tap, and that will be that!”

Afterwards just tap or click to jump into the arcade fun.

How To Play Idleon Arcade

This is a game of pure luck! The only thing you can do as a player is collect more balls and choose your rewards. But still, some may want to know how this works.

Once you open up the main screen, you will see a few options.

  • Red X Button: Exit game
  • Claim Button: Claim your collective balls
  • Info Button: See possible and recent rewards
  • Shop Button: Spend you collected gold balls
  • Launch: Spend your silver balls and play your luck!

Also, you can click on the ball and gem count in the bottom left corner to enter the gem shop and buy more balls. There are other things to click like lights and spinner, but they don’t ever seem to do anything, along with the speed button. However I personally often more the speed control, because why not.

Launch your balls! You can send them out one at time, randomly, or all at once, just tap as much as you want on the Launch Button. What slot they land on (the colored blocks at the bottom) decides what happens next.

Depending what slot they fall in they can have a few options. If they hit a portal, the balls will fall out of the next one of four portals on top, going onward. They could also land in a reward or more balls slot, even the last blue jackpot slot on the end! Also, they may land in dice slot, which you will need to click on quickly to roll the dice. If you roll a six out of six, you will be ported on to the bonus ‘cade game, the Fire and Fury Ballpit.

Play Fire and Fury! This second bonus game plays just like the first one, except you will have three options for Tilt. They are left, none, or right. Once again it is just a game of chance. Its a bit more chaotic yet rewarding than the regular game. Once you hit launch the balls will automatically start flying out in fury until you run out.

Once this round is over you will go back and pick up right where the game left off. Now you’re back in control to take your rewards or keep playing. That is, if you have the balls.

How To Get More Arcade Balls

Silver arcade balls to play the arcade ballpit are given every hour. You can also get extra balls by purchasing them in the gem shop under usables, or complete achievements to speed up the process.

You can purchase extra balls with gems in the gem shop. You have three options for this.

  • 30 arcade balls for 100 gems
  • 100 arcade balls for 275 gems
  • 500 arcade balls for 1250 gems
  • You can also get 250 arcade balls with the dungeon bundle for a limited time.

Although you can buy more in the gem shop, I recommended saving your gems for better and more permanent goods, and focusing on the achievement bonuses if you really want to play the arcade more.

Achievements and Arcade go well together. It makes sense the arcade clown is next to the task master. Many, many achievements from each world offer a bonus to arcade ball per hour. Farming out achievements is by far the best way to up your arcade ball game! We hope to go over this more in our Achievements page in the making, and there’s alot. So see for yourself in the achievements page in tasks. You can do this by clicking any task master in town, or checking the tasks in your codex under quick ref.

Idleon Arcade Rewards

Each time an arcade ball is used a reward is bound to drop. Rewards can be more arcade balls, golden balls, gems, money, obols, golden food, balloons, candy, items, and even a stamp or hat! The info button shows all the chances for rewards. Simply put, the further your ball goes, the better reward.

Although the rare hat, stamp, and even gems are nice, the best reward is stacking up those golden balls to spend in the arcade gold ball shop. The gold ball shop offers upgrades. Click the shop button on bottom and see which ones you want the most. Keep in mind the cost goes up for each purchase. But, each upgrade purchase applies to all characters!

Personally, I think these are all great upgrades. Yet you may want to get the ones you want while you can. LavaFlame2, the developer, said these may rotate to new upgrades in time, possibly monthly. So get them now and forever up arcade upgrade!

I hope all this helps you get started with and understanding the arcade system. As usual pages will be updated with info. Hit us up if you have any recommendations.