Idleon Dungeon Quest: Creating a Party!

This the First Dungeon Quest
Next Quest: Bigger Party Better Party!

This quest is given by Toadstall in Grandfrog’s Backyard, Blunderhills (World One). It is next to the 1st Dungeon, Grandfrogger’s Gazebo.

Quest Requirements

Create a Party
Invite a Player

Quest Text and Description

“… and there it goes! Oh, hello! I was expecting you, hence the great timing of my fart joke!”

“You sure are focused on that Party Dungeon door, but have some patience! You must learn a few things before you enter”

“First, create a party! Open your inventory, and press the red button up top! Then, to invite someone else, double click on them and press the red party button in the popup! Badabing, it’s party time!”
QUEST: Do as the toad says.

Quest Complete Text:
“Mmm… you did well, yes! But that dungeon will slap you silly with how small a party you have!”

How to Complete Quest

Click the Items Tab at the bottom of the screen to open up inventory. Select add to party. Make sure 2x tap for player info is on in menu options. double click on any player to send a party invite. See pictures below for help if needed.

Quest Rewards

10 Dungeon Credits