Idleon! Dungeon Quest: Bigger Party Better Party!

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This quest is given by Toadstall in Grandfrog’s Backyard, Blunderhills (World One). It is next to the 1st Dungeon, Grandfrogger’s Gazebo.

Quest Requirements

Be in a party of three

Quest Text and Description

“Why don’t you invite a few more people to your party? Or, join someone elses party!”
QUEST: Be in a party of 3. You can request to join someone elses party by doing what you do to invite while not being in a party yourself!”

Quest Complete Text:
“Ehehehe, now that’s a groovy party! Now then, why don’t you head on over through that door!”

How to Complete Quest

Do the same as the last quest but add 2 more people, or join a party with three or more. As the toad says, you can request to join a party if not in one already.

Quest Rewards

2 Dungeon Loot Dice
15 Dungeon Credits