Idleon Guide: Rare Drops

This part of the guide focuses on the rarest and hardest to get items in Legends of Idleon. These materials, recipes, gear, and other items have extremely low drop rates from monsters and bosses. First we will cover the best and most rare items followed by other items considered rare as well. So load up on drop rates and prepare to farm and idle, and hope that luck is on your side!

The Best and Rarest Items in Idleon

World One: Best and Rarest

Bolt Cutters 1 in 100,000

Found on Green Mushrooms in Spore Meadows

One of the rarest drops in World One. The bolt cutters are used to open up Meel’s Crypt in The Office, found in the sewers. Hard to obtain early game, they become easier to farm later on. They may also be used in late game crafting.

Goo Galoshes Recipe 1 in 33,000

Found on Slimes in Jungle Perimeter

This is one of two extra money gear recipes found of slimes at Jungle Perimeter in World One. They allow you to make shoes that add 5% money drops of monsters. with the rings below, that’s up to 15% more money!

Dooble Goopi Recipe 1 in 50,000

Found on Slimes in Jungle Perimeter

This recipe found in World One allows you to create a ring with plus 5% money from monsters. You can equip two, adding 10% more money. These rings are always good to have in game.

Bleached Designer Wode Patch Pants Recipe
1 in 33,000

Found on Wode Boards in Encroaching Forest Villas

This necessary recipe is used for the extra 5% chopping for all your Idleon choppers. Rightfully found of the Wode Boards in World One, once the recipe is found you can make all you need. Also, these are needed to craft Fishing Overalls.

Fishing Overalls Recipe – 1 in 5,000

Found on Walking Sticks in The Base of the Bark

Although not near as rare as other things on the list, they are important. Be sure not to miss them while climbing up the tree for that tedious red frisbee farm. This recipe allows you to craft pants with a whopping 12% fishing efficiency bonus.

Red Frisbee 1 in 100,000

Found on Wood Mushroom in Where the Branches End

The red frisbee is found in World One, and is another one of the rarest drops. It is the rarest drop along with bolt cutters in World One. It is used for the quest Frisbee Fantastic given by Sprout, which rewards the Frisbee Ring. The Frisbee ring is one of the best early game rings, with 20 accuracy and 4 upgrade slots. Getting to the top of the tree in World One can take some time, and is usually done after completing most of World One, much like the sewers.

World Two: Best And Rarest

Defender’s Dignity Recipe 1 in 200,000

Found on Mimics in The Mimic Hole

Another great rare recipe drop for certain situations. This is one of the first major rare drops in World Two, found in the second area Yum Yum Desert. The good news is, you’ll need lots of material off mimics so you will get it eventually, even with an extremely low rare drop rate.

Googley Eyes Recipe 1 in 40,000

Found on Crab Cakes in Dessert Dunes

This recipe is used to create the summoning item Googley Eyes. The summon the mini-boss Biggie Hours. Biggie Hours can also be found in the World Two colosseum and is needed to complete the Maestro quests.

Strung Bludgeon Recipe 1 in 500,000

Found on Mafioso in Grandioso Canyon

This is probably the rarest and hardest drop to find in World Two. This recipe allows you to craft a pendant that gives +4 weapon damage and 3 upgrade slots. Those stats are useful for all classes for quite a long time!

Dootjat Eye Recipe 1 in 58,000

Found on Sand Giants in Sands of Time

This crafting recipe allows you to make the summoning item for the second boss, King Doot. King Doot is a great farming boss, however one of the crafting materials needed can only be bought once a day from the vendor in World One at Encroaching Forest Villas.

Fuscismatia 1 in 500,000

Found on Snelbie in Djonnuttown

This is another extremely rare drop in World Two. Fuscismatia is a pendant drop that is great for mages and also fishermen. It is in the last area of World Two.

Midnight Cookie 1 in under 1,000

Found Off Efaunt, King Doot, and Moonmoon

This awesome food is best farmed off Moonmoons, since they also drop the rare quest item Loomis Key and the rare crafting item Ghost. Although not particularly one of the rarest items, Midnight Cookie is something you want to stack, making it hard to collect with its low drop rate. It adds over 5 weapon damage plus more with bonuses. It is consumed so it is used sparingly. Found by bosses and monsters towards the end of World Two, is it a great item to keep in inventory.

Royal Turban 1 in 1,500

Found on World Two Boss Efaunt

Although 1 in 1,500 might not seem rare, this item is found off the world boss so it can’t be idle farmed. You have to be active and lucky to catch this rare drop! It gives 15 agility, 15% gold food bonus, 7 defense, and an amazing 6 upgrade slots!

World Three: Best and Rarest

Neutron Ice Ring 1 in 1,000,000

Found on Dedotated Ram in Wam Wonderland

Drool… This is one of the best and most rare drops in World Three. It is a ring that gives 3 weapon damage, 4% damage, 11 defense, and 2 upgrade slots! Who wouldn’t want to brag about wearing this ring.

Chizoar’s Blankie 1 in 1,000 (Normal) / 1 in 313 (Chaotic)

Found on World Three Boss Chizoar

Although 1 in 1,000 might not seem rare, this item is found off the world boss so it can’t be idle farmed. You have to be active and lucky to catch this rare drop! It gives +5 weapon damage, 15% total damage, 3% mob respawn, and 3 upgrade slots.

Some Items Worth Mentioning But Not Really Getting In Idleon!

Carrot Bow: 1 in 25,000 from Carrotman
Fur Shirt Recipe: 1 in 33,00 from Gublin
Planktop: 1 in 100,00 from Wode Board