IdleOn! Skills: Choppin

Choppin works by chopping at trees to gain logs, leaves, and experience. Trees will eventually run out of leaves, but they will regenerate. Choppin also has a minigame where you can earn bonus exp, logs and leaves. Blunder Hills trees drop Grass Leaf while Yum Yum Desert Trees drop Twisty Leaf.


NameImageProductExpArea Found
Oak TreeOak Tree.pngOak Logs.pngOak Logs2Spore Meadows
Birch TreeBirch Tree.pngBleach Logs.pngBleach Logs6Valley of the Beans
Jungle TreeJungle Tree.pngJungle Logs.pngJungle Logs12Vegetable Patch
Toilet TreeToilet Tree.pngPotty Rolls.png Potty Rolls50Poopy Sewers
Forest TreeForest Tree.pngForest Fibres.pngForest Fibers20Tucked Away
Palm TreePalmtree.pngTropilogs.png Tropilogs32Desert Dunes
Stump TreeStump Tree.pngVeiny Logs.png Veiny Logs90Hollowed Trunk
Alien TreeAlien Tree.pngAlien Hive Chunk.png Alien Hive Chunk6Tutorial Area

Choppin Minigame

The object of the choppin minigame is to tap the screen when the leaf is over green or yellow areas. Green is 1 point and yellow is 2 points!

Tip: Getting in yellow is 2 points but it also slows the game down a little!
Make sure to tap 2 or 3 times in the green when the game starts for maximum points.