IdleOn! Quest: What Lies at the Heart of the Forest

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This quest is given by the NPC Scripticus, found in Blunder Hills Town. It requires finding the forest village.


Find Forest Camp


“One last things before I write up a report. It has been so long sing I got to play a joke on Scripticus, and I want you to help me pull another one on him! Go get me some carrots and logs so I can make a little carrot mannequin for you to prank him with, and I’ll have the report ready when you return!”
QUEST: Gather carrots from the Vegetable Grove as well as some logs.


This quest takes quite a while as it requires going through the entirety of the map with the exception of Tucked Away. After finding Stiltzcho in Jungle Perimeter and completing his tasks, the next thing for you to do is just push through the map at Winding Willows, defeating Baby Boas, Vegetable Patch, defeating Carrotmans, and finally Forest Outskirts, fighting Goblins. Once you’ve defeated 350 Goblins, you can open the Portal to Encroaching Forest Villas, which is where the Forest Camp is found. Many new adventures await here, including the World 1 Boss, Amarok! But don’t forget to return to Scripticus for your rewards for this quest.

Note! This quest will not show as complete until you talk to Tiki Chief and get the quest Brochure Building.


10 Bottled Town Teleports
2 Small Experience Balloons
2500 Class Exp