Idleon! Smithing Skill Guide

Welcome to our all around guide for the wonders of smithing in Legends of Idleon! Here we will collect and share tips, info, and other guide stuff such as the following.

Be sure to check out how to get an extra 100 points ahead in production and know about the Godly Creation talent for extra stats on gear when crafting!

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Starter Guide For Smithing

The Smithing skill is the first skill you can begin in Legends of Idleon. Smithing includes three specialties: producing, forging, and crafting.

As soon as you start in the town of world one click the anvil and go to the production tab. This is where you really level, buy and spend points, and produce materials. Be sure to tap the produce tab on the first item, Thread. This will get you started while you level up your character and collect materials for crafting.

In early quest you will be told to stat crafting items. Although their are unique items, mostly gear and weapons will be crafted at the anvil.

After you start mining then you can start forging ores into bars. Unlike production, forging is shared account wide and any character can add or claim finished bars.

Every character can use smithing and should. Each character can produce their own items for the whole team account. This will give experience to level up smithing, unlocking more items. Each time you log in from a long AFK be sure to check the anvil on all players to keep it leveled and producing without maxing out space. Besides, why not take free talent points?

Archers make the best class for smithing. Both hunters and bowman can be equally good at this skill. In fact, some set up one archer for crafting only with the Godly Creation talent (chance to apply special bonus to equip crafted at anvil) while another focuses on leveling and quicker production with more smithing specific talents.

Smithing and Catching go well together. If its still early in game, its possible to combine the two for a hybrid skilling archer. This is usually done by focusing on the experience and catching efficiency bonuses while get either Godly Creation talent for bonus stats or getting more production speed with the Broken Time talent, or possibly some of both. In later worlds this will probably more likely be used.

Useful Items for Smithing

Anvil Statue: increases production speed (found in Up, Up, Down, Down)
Forge Cards: (Fire Forge and Cinder Forge): increases smithing experience
Golden Anvil: Bought in the gem shop to give extra production
Hammer Hammer: Alchemy bonus that gives extra production


Smithing is leveled by gaining experience producing, forging, and crafting. Materials give experience once they are collected. This can take awhile and you are not stuck to the anvil while producing. While archers are more focused on leveling smithing, other characters can benefit from the materials and talent points as well. The main goal for leveling smithing is to not forget! Check in frequently and equip the forge cards.

Tip! Sometimes when collecting produced materials your player will level before done. It helps early on and a little later in the game to go ahead and buy some more points in extra experience for collecting all the materials.

Production points and Talent points are given for leveling smithing by character. 1 point is given per level. Production points can also be bought with coins and materials. Smithing has a strong variety of useful talents. Such as the Acme Anvil talent that can allow you to get 100 points ahead in producing, even after respecting!

Forge Cards give extra smithing experience when collecting produced materials. This is the only time they are really used. So be sure to equip these cards before collecting from the anvil and unequip after. There are currently two forge cards, Cinder Forge and Fire Forge.


Unlike other skills, smithing does not use a single stat to gain bonuses. So agility is not needed. However there are still plenty talents to help focus on being a good smith. But as you can see not as many talents are used as other specialties. This is what makes smithing a great combo or second spec.

Archer Smithing Talents: Tab 1 and 2

Broken Time. Tab 1 (Production)
Broken time increases production speed in all town skills by a percent. It has a max of 100 points and is great for getting materials quicker. this along with Godly Creation are talents that could be used along with any type of archer.

Smeltin’ Erryday. Tab 2 (Forging)
Every kill has a % chance to give x seconds of instant forge progress. This talent increases the forge rate for creating bars. Oh how I wish it was for the anvil. If you do spec into this talent it goes well with the talents Featherweight and Uwu Awrrr for quicker kills.

Acme Anvil. Tab 2 (Production)
Get one anvil production point plus x for every smithing level per talent. This talent goes up to 100! And can be used then respecced back to 0. Your production tab will still have the extra points if you used them, but will have a negative point balance. No biggie, you’re now 100 ahead. more on this in production.

The Godly Creation Talent. Tab 2 (Crafting)
One talent to rule them all. This single talent can be used on any archer and does not have to be focused on smithing. This one talent stands on its own. At a max of 100 points it allows a % chance to apply special bonus to equip crafted at anvil. This is great for when making many items. If possible it would be recommended to have an Archer with this to craft all items.

Focused Soul. Tab 2 (Smithing)
Exp gain for all specialized skills. Great for smithing and catching. this talent offers 1% extra experience per point, up to 100.

Bowman/Hunter Smithing Talents: Tab 3

Shwifty Statues/Straightshot Statues. Bowman & Hunter
Speed, Anvil, and Ol Reliable statues give % bonus. Or it gives Bullseye statue bonus instead of Ol Reliable for hunters. Great talent if you have many cauldron statues.

Previous Points. Bowman & Hunter
Trade talent points from tab 3 for tab 2 archer points

Uwu Rawrrr. Hunter
When a mob dies they respawn faster. This is a good talent to keep in mind if you plan on farming mobs for quicker forging with the Smeltin’ Erryday talent.

This covers all the basis for smithing. Later we will add more about all the sub skills of smithing that follows:


Production is one of three aspects of smithing. After all, you need materials to smith and craft stuff right? Production is a timed skill that gives experience for smithing whenever items are deposited. They can be deposited in a characters item bag or in the storage test with quick deposit.

Each point in production (gained by leveling smithing) can be used to increase max item storage, experience gained by percent, or production speed. Production speed should be used first, following the others as needed.

Produces Items:
Lv. 01:Thread
Lv. 05: Trusty Nails
Lv. 12: Boring Brick
Lv. 17: Chain Link
Lv. 25: Leather Hide
Lv. 30: Pinion Spur
Lv. 35: Lugi Bracket
Lv. 43: Purple Screw
Lv. 50: Thingymabob
Level 60: item unknown
Level 70: item unknown


Content coming soon!


First off how dare you craft a piece of gear you plan to keep without using the amazing talent Godly Creation. Crafting is used for many aspects of the game. The Post Office Box takes crafted items, your players are geared with crafted items, and many other item types can be crafted such as quest items or food. Oh and bags! you are definitely going to craft many, many, bags. This is specially true if you afk idle alot.

Oh. And more content coming soon!